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Site News for Saturday, June 12, 1999
Anit Gravity Boots   - Matt Kade (2015 EST)
I just got an email about this.

There is a new cog out for Anti-Gravity Boots I got it from Luke Cybersky. This cog should be pretty cool for Anti-Gravoty boots.

You can download it from the Newest Additions section.
Site News for Saturday, June 5, 1999
Fixed Link   - Matt Kade (2015 EST)
Hi everyone I fixed the Utilities link at the side and also I have put in the latest version of JK Edit 2.10 and uploaded Mika Power a mod for JK and Mots.

Also on another note today is my birthday.

Site News for Sunday, May 30, 1999
Hello Everyone   - Matt Kade (2015 EST)
Hello everyone this is Matt Kade here telling you that I will be working here at The File Data Base uploading files and stuff. Well bye for now .

Site News for Monday, April 12, 1999
Been Away   - Element_Greven (1450 EST)
Argh...been away for awhile.. Days fly when you play XWA. Well, I happened upon getting on the net today and found alot of email..also FINALLY got to update the JK mirror page. *kicks server* For JediKnight: I added one level, a link for a level, links for 3 skinpacks. I'll try to get them downloaded soon so I can put them on the JK Net server.

Site News for Monday, February 22, 1999
New Patches Added   - Element_Greven (2045 EST)
Well finally, someone decided to send a few levels :). Seems like everyone forgets of the File Database..*sigh*. Well they are both JK Mods so take a look.

Site News for Friday, February 5, 1999
File Database is up and running!   - Element_Greven (2255 EST)
Hello all you faithful visitors to File Database. Not too far back, Armage asked for help updating the site. So, naturally(*grin*), I volunteered. I will try to update a few of the files here in a bit.

By the way, you all can start sending files to ME now as well.

Site News for Sunday, January 10, 1999
File Database is up and running!   - Armage (1530 EST)
All right! The new File Database is up! Along with the change in layout comes a the new name as well. I noticed people were calling it FILEd, Imperial File HQ and the like, so I made it simple and to the point. Oh, and that pro-Imperial bias doesn't show either :-)

All of the links should be self explanatory, and if not, drop me a line by clicking on my name in this news post or over to the right under "Contact".

Two small things--since I'm overloaded here at work, a few of the links do not work. Also, you're going to have to access the old archives until they are all transferred over when I get some free time. The links are the same, but you won't see the wonderful interface we have here. This means you'll have to make use of that wonderful "Back" button on your browser.

Miss some File Database news? Then check the previous month's news here.

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