Editing Sound in JK and MotS

What you need if you want to edit sound in
"Jedi Knight" or "Mysteries of the Sith"

  • Any text editor will do

    Editing SND files
      Easy as stepping on an Ewok!

    STEP 1:
      Just open the desired .snd file in a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad or Write.
      (I usually use the "ky.snd" as a template).

    STEP 2:
      Notice that for each "events" like walking, swimming, hurt, etc
      there is a name for a .wav file.

    STEP 3:
      All you need to do is change the name of that Wav to another.
      If you can't guess which particular sound the name refers to
      just use an extractor like "ConMan" or GobExplorer" to extract
      that particular Wav file.

    STEP 4:
      You don't have to stick to standards. Be creative!

    Adding new .wav files
      Easy as skinning an Ewok!

    STEP 1:
      Simply create a new directory called "sound"
      inside the "ressource" directory in JK or MotS.

    STEP 2:
      Then put the desired .wav in it

    STEP 3:
      Don't forget to add them in a .snd file if you
      wish to use those new sounds in the game.

    Using the new sound files in Multiplay
      Everyone must have a copy of your new .wav file
      if they are to hear them.

    Adding the new .snd file to the Models.dat file
      Here's what you have to do on order to use your new SND file.

    STEP 1:
      Simply create a new directory called "misc"
      inside the "ressource" directory in JK or MotS.

    STEP 2:
      Then put your "Models.dat" file in it. This is the file that indicates
      to the game engine which sound file to give to which character.

    STEP 3:
      Open the "Models.dat" file in a text editor.
      Simply add another line at the end or change one of the existing line.
      If you just want to change a sound file, all you need to do is substitute the
      name for the particular .snd file you want to change to.

    STEP 4:
      Then create another directory called "snd"
      inside the "misc" directory in JK or MotS
      and just put your custom .snd file in it.

      That' all!

    Models.dat in MotS
      The "Models.dat" file in MotS is different than the one in JK.
      Aside from the sound and characters hierarchy, it is also here that
      you will asign the "MotS personality" to your new character

      The number before the character's name
      corresponds to his / her / it's personality.

      1= Jedi
      2=Bounty Hunter
      0=Team character (won't appear in menu)*
          *this last one is optional

      The "numModels" should ALWAYS be updated
      everytime you add a new character in JK (and MotS)
      or the game will crash!