JK Mat file list

Here's a list of textures for all the characters in JK:

NOTE: An asterix means that that particular character
is also available in "Mysteries of the Sith"

A brief note before you get to the list. First, many of the mat files
are featured in more than one 3do, kysole.mat for example, is used in
most 3do's. Second, some of the textures require a different palette
to extract them correctly, if you don’t use the palette I have specified the bmp
that is extracted will have the wrong colors, you also need to recompile the bmp
with the same palette. Mat Master is recommended to extract these to bmps. Finally, If you see anything I’ve missed please e-mail me.

bsback.mat  back
bsbutt.mat  butt
bschest.mat  chest
bschsttp.mat  shoulders
bschst~1.mat  sides under arm
bsface.mat  face
bsfoot.mat  foot
bsforarm.mat  fore arm
bshand.mat  hand
bsheadsd.mat  side of hand
bsheadtp.mat  top of head
bships.mat  hips
bslowleg.mat  lower leg
bspalm.mat  palm
bsskin.mat  back of foot
bsthigh.mat  thigh
bsuparm.mat  upper arm
conptop.mat  top/bottom of Concussion rifle
conpside.mat  side of concussion rifle
conpfrnt.mat  front of concussion rifle
conpclip.mat  concussion rifle clip

stfoot.mat  foot
sthand.mat  hand
stpouch.mat  little thing on their back
starmlo.mat  lower arm
starmup.mat  upper arm
stbck.mat  back
stbutt.mat  butt
stchest.mat  chest
stcup.mat  groin area
stleglo.mat  lower leg
stsd1.mat  under arms
stthigh.mat  thigh
sthandb.mat  palm
sthdfr2.mat  front of head
sthdbk2.mat  back of head
sthdsd.mat  side of head
kysole.mat  sole
aabdbot.mat  neck
strvsid2.mat  side of laser rifle
strvtop2.mat  top of laser rifle
strvsid1.mat  sides of barrel of laser rifle
strvsite.mat  sight on rifle
strvsitb.mat  back of sight
strvbutt.mat  butt of laser rifle
strpport.mat  front of barrel
strpsitf.mat  front of sight

atlglw.mat  lower leg
atlgmd.mat  middle leg
athdbk.mat  back of head and base
atlgfr.mat  front/back of legs
atneck.mat  neck
atdirt.mat  underneath head
atface.mat  face
atknee.mat  knee
athdtp.mat  top of head
athdsd.mat  side of head
atlgup.mat  upper leg
atfoot.mat  foot

Gran (brown)*
ryeye.mat  eyes
ryface.mat  face
ryheadbk.mat  back of head
ryneck.mat  neck
rychstt.mat  shoulders
ryback.mat  back
ryhips.mat  hips
ryuparm.mat  upper arm
ryforarm.mat  fore arm
ryhandbk.mat  back of hand
rythigh.mat  thigh
rybootft.mat  foot
ryhandtp.mat  top of hand
rylowleg.mat  lower leg
rypalm.mat  palm
rychst.mat  chest
det0side.mat  side of thermal detonator

bo_face3.mat  face
bo_side2.mat  side of face
bo_hback.mat  back of head
bo_shldr.mat  shoulders
bo_arm.mat  lower arms
bo_fto~1.mat  chest
bo_bto~1.mat  back
bo_drapb.mat  back of robe
bo_fdrap.mat  front of robe
bo_thigh.mat  thigh
bo_leg.mat  lower leg
bo_toes.mat  foot
bo_hand.mat  hand
bo_handi.mat  palm
bo_tent2.mat  tenticle
bo_saber1.mat  saber handle

c2headf.mat  face
c2torsf.mat  chest
c2arm.mat  upper arm
c24arm.mat  fore arm
c2handb.mat  back of hand
c2jarm.mat  thing that connects the arms
c2hipf.mat  hip
c2thigh.mat  thigh
c2leg.mat  lower leg
c2foot.mat  foot
c2neck.mat  neck
c2torsb.mat  back
c2headsd.mat  side of head

c3headf.mat  face
c3torsf.mat  chest
c3arm.mat  upper arm
c34arm.mat  fore arm
c3handb.mat  back of hand
c3jarm.mat  thing that connects the arms
c3hipf.mat  hip
c3thigh.mat  thigh
c3leg.mat  lower leg
c3foot.mat  foot
c3neck.mat  neck
c3torsb.mat  back
c3headsd.mat  side of head

Moldy Crow*
crowupsd.mat  upper rear sides
crowtshp.mat  rear top
crowbsds.mat  lower rear sides and rear bottom
crowsdp2.mat  center wings
crowwngr.mat  vertical wings
crowwft2.mat  front of vertical wings
crowmwng.mat  wings
crowbgun.mat  top/bottom of gun
crowsdgn.mat  sides of gun
crowlhul.mat  sides of cockpit
crowthul.mat  top of cockpit
crownose.mat  nose and underside of cockpit
crowmwbk.mat  back of wings
crowwfnt.mat  front of wings
crowbarl.mat  barrel of gun

Gamorean Guard*
gm-hdf.mat  eyes
gm-mth.mat  mouth
gm-hds.mat  side of head
gm-hdt.mat  top of head
gm-mthf.mat  mouth below nose
gm-bdyf.mat  lower front body
gm-bdyb.mat  lower back of body
gm-bdys.mat  side of body
gm-bdyt.mat  top of body
gm-snt.mat  snout
gm-snts.mat  side of snout
gm-bdcl.mat  underside of head
gm-hrn.mat  horns
gm-wst.mat  waist
gm-bdya.mat  upper part of body
gm-hdb.mat  back of head
gm-armt.mat  shoulders
gm-uars.mat  upper arms
gm-thg.mat  outside thigh
gm-thgf.mat  inside thigh
gm-legf.mat  front of legs
gm-leg.mat  back of legs
gm-larm.mat  lower arm
gm-hand.mat  hands
gm-ft.mat  front/back of feet
gm-fts.mat  sides of feet
gm-hdl.mat  handle of ax
gm-axjn.mat  handle-blade attachment
gm-bld.mat  blade of ax

goface.mat  face
gofaces3.mat  sides of face
gotorsf.mat  chest
goear.mat  ears
gotorsb.mat  back
goshldr.mat  shoulders
goarm.mat  upper arm
gohand.mat  sides of hand
gohandi.mat  palm
gohip.mat  hip
gothigh.mat  thigh
gocalf.mat  lower leg
gotoes.mat  foot
gohands.mat  front of hand
gohandb.mat  bottom of hand
goshandl.mat  handle of saber

grface.mat  face
grheadbk.mat  back of head
grheadsd.mat  side of head
grneck.mat  neck
grchest.mat  chest
grback.mat  back
grhips.mat  hips
grlegl.mat  lower leg
grthigh.mat  thigh
grboot.mat  foot
grbutt.mat  butt
grear.mat  ears
grchstsd.mat  under arms
gruparm.mat  upper arm
grforarm.mat  fore arm
grhandtp.mat  top of hand
grpalm.mat  palm
grchsttp.mat  shouder
strvsite.mat  pistol barrel
strvsitb.mat  front of pistol barrel
convbrl2.mat  stock of pistol

Imperial Commando*
icchest.mat  chest
icarm.mat  upperarm
icback.mat  back
icboot.mat  foot
icbutt.mat  butt
icface4.mat  face
icfaceb.mat  back of head
icfacesd.mat  side of head
icforarm.mat  fore arm
ichandf.mat  hand
ichip.mat  hip
ichipsd.mat  side of hip
icleg.mat  lower leg
icneck.mat  neck
icthigh.mat  thigh
kysole.mat  sole
strvsid2.mat  side of laser rifle
strvtop2.mat  top of laser rifle
strvsid1.mat  sides of barrel of laser rifle
strvsite.mat  sight on rifle
strvsitb.mat  back of sight
strvbutt.mat  butt of laser rifle
strpport.mat  front of barrel
strpsitf.mat  front of sight

Imperial Officer*
ioarm.mat  upper arm
ioback.mat  back
iobutt.mat  butt
iocap.mat  cap
iochest.mat  chest
ioface3.mat  face
iofacebk.mat  back of head
ioforarm.mat  fore arm
iohandf.mat  hand
iohip.mat  hip
iohipsd.mat  side of hip
ioleg.mat  lower leg
ioneck.mat  neck
iothigh.mat  thigh
kysole.mat  sole
strvsite.mat  pistol barrel
strvsitb.mat  front of pistol barrel
convbrl2.mat  stock of pistol
convbutt.mat  pistol handle
ioboot.mat  foot

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