Installation of levels
If there isn't already one (depending on the size of your original game installation), simply create a sub-directory called "episode" inside the main JK or MotS directory and put the levels or level packs in it.

Single player

Bespin Special Edition
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith".
      A special version of the "Bespin" secret level.
      Fight against the "Dark Lord of the Sith" himself!
      Includes a modified version of the secret "Darth Vader" boss!
      Improved install routine...no more batch file!
      Click here for more details
      Download "Bespin Special Edition, v.2"
      930 KB

    Force Matches

    "Best of" compilations of JK and MotS user Multiplayer levels
  • For "Jedi Knight" and "Mysteries of the Sith".
      In my opinion, some of the best
      small to medium size user levels
      for JK and MotS you can find.

  • Thanks to all level authors
      for permission to use their
      levels in these anthologies.

    Jedi Knight:

    Jedi Force Matches 1
  • For "Jedi Knight", includes:
      1. Kepones Chasm   by Mike Toles
      2. Dengar Five   by Mark Jones
      3. The Fortress   by Pax
      4. Imperial Ship   by Brian Fuller
      5. Midnight Showdown v.2   by Jeff Walters
      Download "Jedi Force Matches 1"

    Jedi Force Matches 2
  • For "Jedi Knight", includes:
      1. Frag Factory   by CogKing
      2. Ord Trasi   by Dan Rubado
      3. Volcanic Valley   by Evan C
      4. The Lord of the Tower   by Dak Janson
      5. Assassins' Training Ground (with Ties)   by Ramon Galvan
      Download "Jedi Force Matches 2"

    Jedi Force Matches 3
  • For "Jedi Knight", includes:
      1. Kessel Spice Mine   by Dan Rubado
      2. Hutt's Palace   by Dan Rubado
      3. The Mos Eisley Cantina   by Nebula (Andrew Moeller)
      4. The Chute   by D Nathan Glassel
          (Could not find his e-mail. Please contact!)
      5. Corellia Base   by Tim Talbot
      6. Pinkerton Landing Station v2.1   by death bunny
          (Could not find his e-mail. Please contact!)
      Download "Jedi Force Matches 3"

    Jedi Force Matches 4
  • For "Jedi Knight", includes:
      1. Bespin Terminal   by Jeff Adams
      2. First Light   by Tim Talbot
      3. Asteroid Mine   by Evan C
      4. Duel of the Fates SE: Assault on Theed   by HothRebel
      5. Nar Shaddaa (multiplayer conversion)
      Download "Jedi Force Matches 4"

    Jedi Force Matches 5
  • For "Jedi Knight", includes:
      1. Trandoshan Temple Ruins   by BOSsK
      2. Fueling Station   by Daniel Clausen(R|Talon)
      3. Imperial Reactor Core   by x_SubHuman_x
      4. Theed Palace   by HothRebel
      5. MCMD   by D. Nathan Glassel
      6. Hoth War 2: Sub Zero   by HothRebel
      Download "Jedi Force Matches 5"

    Jedi Battlegrounds
  • For "Jedi Knight", multiplayer conversion. Includes:
      1. Barons Hed (small version)
      2. Fuel Station
          (small version with some wav files
          and cog messages added by me)
      3. Lost Planet of the Jedi (small version)
      4. Jedi Valley Sanctuary (Boc's level, saber duel)
      5. Jedi Valley Core (Jerec's level, saber duel)
      Download "Jedi Battlegrounds"

    Mysteries of the Sith:

    Sith Force Matches 1
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith"
      1. No Hope   by Anonymous
      2. No Mercy   by Anonymous
      3. Qat Crystac Outpost   by Dan Rubado
      4. Forsaken   by Terminator
      5. Pool-of-Life   by Raven7
      6. Splinter of the Mind's Eye (Guns version)   by Dan Rubado
      Download "Sith Force Matches 1"

    Sith Force Matches 2
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith"
      1. Vodran Stage Point   by Dan Rubado and Mike Toles
      2. Salapaz City   by MegaMonkey
      3. Power Station   by Andre Di Geronimo
      4. Jabba's Palace MotS (rancor)   by Dan Rubado
      5. Katraasii Spaceport (MP conversion)   converted by Rob Fuller II
      Download "Sith Force Matches 2"

    Sith Force Matches 3
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith"
      1. Downtown   by GMS_Slug
      2. Triad   by Nightmare
      3. Dark Towers   by Jason Burton
      4. Battle in the Canyon   by Patrick "Your Shadow" McDavid
      5. Beggars' Canyon   by Nebula (Andrew Moeller)
      6. The Mos Eisley Spaceport   by Adam "Rage" Burnett
      Download "Sith Force Matches 3"

    Sith Force Matches 4
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith", includes:
      1. Double Gantry   by Suchis_Mango
          (Could not find his e-mail. Please contact!)
      2. Unforgiving (with AI)   by LoneGrayWolf
      3. Rebel Command Outpost   by Vindictive (with help from mute)
      4. Lord of the Towers   by Dak Janson
          This conversion was done by by LoneGrayWolf
      5. Duel of the Fates SE: Assault on Theed   by HothRebel
      Download "Sith Force Matches 4"

    Sith Force Matches 5
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith", includes:
      1. Cargo Ferry   by Red_XIIII

      2. Collapsed Imperial Station   by Christopher Sigmon
      3. Sith Arena   by Brandon "Wedgie" Mills
      4. TJK-HQ   by Dylan
      5. Tower Hideout   by Red_XIIII
      6. Caverns of the Sith (with AI)   by Justin Krebs a.k.a. BOD_JLK
      Download "Sith Force Matches 5"

    Sith-JK Conversions
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith", includes:
      1. Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal
      2. Bespin Mining Station
      3. Blades of Death
      4. Canyon Oasis
      5. The Valley of the Jedi Tower
      6. Battleground Jedi
      These are excellent conversions, with some weapons from Sith.
      Converted by MERC_Tiberius aka MarkoRamius
      Download "Sith-JK Conversions"

    Sith Capture the Flag
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith", includes:
      1. The Duel
      2. The Arena of Dark and Light
      3. The Challenge of Nar Shaddaa
      Download "Sith Capture the Flag"

    Kill the fool with the Ysalamiri
  • For "Mysteries of the Sith", includes:
      1. The Battle Continues
      2. Captured in the Bunker
      3. Hunter 2
      by TERMINATOR - Claus Lorentzen
      Download "Terminator's kfy's"

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