Model FAQ

(or why isn't my F*/%ING skin loading!!!)

Hum, a lot of gamers sent me e-mail on those subject...

Question: I've made a new model, but when I go and check it out in the character menu, the game crashes on me?

  A lot of factors could make Jk (or MotS) crash and it's usually one of these:
  • You forgot a mat file
  • One of your mat files is spelled wrong in the 3do file
  • One of your mats has capitals either in the name or in the 3do file
  • Your 3DOs name is misspelled
  • You put capitals in the 3do names
  • Your 3DOs name is spelled wrong in the "models.dat" file
  • You put capitals in your 3DOs name in the "models.dat" file
  • You forgot to update the number of 3DOs at the top of your "models.dat" file.
      ex: If you have 30 skins, last skin should be 29. (Because the first skin is zero)
  • Your 3DOs name is misspelled in the "jkstrings.uni" file.
  • Your 3do SHOULD be in all CAPITALS in the "jkstrings.uni" files.
      Only here is that necessary!
  • You forgot a 3do in the "jkstrings.uni" file

  • When JK or MotS crashed on me, it was usually one of those. The most common ones are a misspelled name, a forgotten "mat.file" or I forgot to update the count in the "models.dat".

    Question: Are your skinpacks for single or multiplay?
  • 1. All my skin packs are for multiplay, although I have recently started to make a couple of single player skin patches (Obi-Wan is the first). Single player characters (except for Kyle and Mara) are not built the same and have to be redone (when it's possible) for multiplay.

    Question: When I install a skin, does it replace an existing one or just add that as an option to use along with the ones already there?
  • 2. Although the skins featured in "The New Republic" do not replace the default Kyle or Mara, any skin pack that lets you play as a different character in single play MUST replace Kyle or Mara.

    Question: Can you play as the single player Pic, Maw and R2 units, etc in multiplay?
  • 3. You can play as R2 or a Tie Fighter if you like, but for more complex characters like Maw, Pic or Gorc, you need to replace animation files, PUP files and AI files and can't include more than one character per patch for it to work. For example, Pic doesn't have any animation files when in the water, so if you play him instead of Kyle, his model stops moving and becomes stiff as a board when entering the water. It looks very silly!