"What is Darkness Falls"

"Hmm.....". Jeff scratches his chin and looks at the ceiling before continuing. "Well....it's basically a newspaper of sorts. We report on events happening in the Jedi Knight and Dark Forces communities.". Thumper walks up and hands something to Jeff diverting his attention. His eyes register a moment of incomprehension and then he whispers to Thumper - "He can't print that, we'll be sued! Tell Nebula he has to leave out this part about the donkey and those four LEC employees."

As Thumper heads off, Jeff turns back to you. "Where was I? Oh that's right......we generally focus on DF/JK articles, interviews, reviews, etc. We do touch on topics like Star Wars, fiction, movie and gaming in general so that things stay fresh though."

He glances down at his watch and sighes. "Well...I gotta get back to work. I have some clan people coming in for an interview and they are always a handful. Good day."

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