"Pax and Tynar just emptied your fridge bud"

"Again?? I swear I'm gonna wire those guy's jaws shut....or better yet...." He blows by you towards the balcony. As he passes Pele's desk he picks up a nasty looking stapler, before dissappearing outside.

For a moment all you can hear is muffled voices and the sound of food falling to the floor. Then all of a sudden......PHHTT...PHHIT...PHIT..CLICK. "Aghh...my jaw!" comes the cry. Pax and Tynar burst into the staff room and hurry out a side door into the printing room.

Jeff strolls casually in from the balcony whistling and spinning the stapler on his finger - "I don't think they'll be touching my cream filled donuts again any time soon. Heh heh heh."

You nod politely and make good your escape.

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