"Why the switch from a monthly magazine to an articles site?"

"Heh.....got a few hours for the answer?" Jeff jokes, but the look in his eyes indicate that it was not far off a serious answer.

"Gimme the highlight version" you probe. He shrugs his shoulders and gives in.

"Shorten version....ok. Well the main reasons are that a magazine format is not really suitable for the net and in particular a community as dynamic as the JK community. Things change everyday and so articles have to be modified accordingly - this meant that their was usually a ton of work to be done before each release date to keep the material up-to-date. Very stressful."

Jeff walks over to the coffee machine and pours himself a cup from the now cold pot before continuing. "Also this current format is much more flexible and easier to update. This means less stress for me.....and more articles for you"

He takes a quick sip of the coffee and opens his mouth to speak once more, but is stopped by Pele calling out - "Hey boss, you gotta see this!".

Annoyed, Jeff snaps back - "Can't you see I'm with a visitor?! This better be very important."

"Sure is." comes the reply. "We just found a hidden SMK video file on the Jedi Knight CD featuring Jan doing some exotic dance." Pele cocks his head to one side and focuses on the screen. "Now that's gotta hurt..."

Jeff stares into the distance for a second before giving you your marching orders - "Sorry mate - just remembered we've got an important interviewee coming in" You are shoved out the door less than politely. As you mutter under your breath, you hear the muffled sound of feet running.

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