Staff Room

Walking through into the Darkness Falls staff room, the first thing that strikes you is the utter chaos and dis-organistation. At the back of the room Jeff Walters can barely be seen behind a pile of papers and disks stacked on his desk. Clayton Cameron brushes by the desk causing a cloud of paper to take to the air, chuckling to himself as Jeff tries to catch the airborne paper cloud.

Pax and Tynar can be seen in the coffee room adjoining the right hand side of the staff room, raiding the fridge while their bosses' back is turned. A pile of food in their arms and hanging out of their mouths, they quickly flee out onto the staff room balcony before they are caught with their bounty.

An uproar of laughter nearby draws your attention to a desk where Pele and Brian Taylor are playing a JK level for a review. Judging from their reaction, this level will be copping it both barrels.

Finally realising your presence, Jeff rises from his almost war weary desk and approaches you. "How it's going? Welcome to newspaper. What can I do for you?"

You Say . . .

"What is Darkness Falls?"

"How can I become a reporter?"

"Pax and Tynar just emptied your fridge bud"

"I have an idea for an article....."

"Why the switch from a monthly magazine to an articles site?"

"The Panel trashed my level.....I'm here to trash you"

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