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PreviewsAdrian Burnett looks at three new levels by Sinclair, Jeff Walters, and MagiAdrian Burnett6/14/98
Dark Jedi TutorialPele shows us how to add a new Dark Jedi enemy to a single player level.Pele6/14/98
Smacker TutorialWant to know how to make a cool new SMK cutscene for your JK level? Jonathon shows us the first steps in acheieving this goal...Jonathan Clark4/16/98
Cutscenes: MotS StyleEveryone wanting to do an SP level no doubt would like some nifty cutscenes to spice things up. Pele gives us part one of a tutorial on just this....Pele4/16/98
Mystery No MoreThe first official add-on for Jedi Knight has arrived, Mysteries of the Sith. Nebula takes a closer look at it, giving it the once, twice and thrice over...Nebula2/28/98
Level Editing OasisLook no further if you're wondering how to create TD traps, breakable glass or cameras. Also check this article out if you're thinking of adding stairs to your level..... Jeff Walters2/28/98
The Enemy Within - Pt. 1Eager to create your own enemy for Jedi Knight? Want to give that TD throwing Reeyees a rail detonator? Well look no further as Adam Burnett shows us the way... Rage2/28/98
The Ways of JEDThis article aims to show newbies to JK editing some of the simpler things acheiveable in JED(eg. briefing text slashable grates). Jeff Walters1/27/98
Grading JEDAfter much anticipation JED was released just before christmas. This article will point out the features and bugs of this first beta of the new program.Jeff Walters1/27/98
Custom SND FilesWe've looked at editing 3DO's and mats for custom JK Models previously. Now Rage takes a look at editing the sounds that accompany your character... Rage1/27/98
The First WaveThough 'The Panel' usually handles all level reviews, this article takes a look at the pick of the first JK addon levels ever made.Jeff Walters &
Clayton Cameron
Solving The MysteryI'm sure you all know what 'Mysteries of the Sith' is. Something we all anticipate eagerly. So I decided to track down all the info I could on it and offer up some analysis...Jeff Walters12/20/97
Key AssignmentIn this tutorial, veteran COG expert Brian Taylor shows you how to adding keys to Jedi Knight so you can add patches (eg. grappling hook) to the key selection menu.Brian Taylor12/20/97

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