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Jedi Knight RevisitedJedi Knight Revisited was a project undertaken shortly after JK was released to convert it's single player levels to multiplayer. It was a valuable learning expereince...Jeff Walters11/13/97
A Force Of Your OwnCOG patches have been flooding in since JK arrived, highlighting how easy it is to edit COG. So Brian Taylor brings us a beginners guide to creating a COG patch. Brian Taylor11/13/97
JED vs ForceBuilderThere are currently two JK level editors known to be in construction, JED and Force Builder. Construction of these two programs is rapidly approaching completion... Matt Bender11/13/97
JK Orders GuideMany of you out there have already joined an Order, but there are more that have not. "Jumbo" Santos gives us a guide for beginners on choosing which Order to join... Jumbo Santos11/13/97
Touchdown!After several years of waiting, Jedi Knight has arrived. Featuring previously unheard of gameplay depth and huge levels - this is undoubtedly the Game of the Year.Jeff Walters10/14/97
Baby JK, The DemoThough it came out less than a week before the full version, Jedi Knight's demo was an immediate must to download. It provided enough of a taste for most gamers. Jeff Walters10/14/97
Building Your CharacterSince Jk's release, a bevy of new 3dos have been made and you may be wondering- "How do I make my own unique looking character?"...well here's your answer. Jeff Walters10/14/97
Changing ModelsJedi Knight has only been out just over a week and already people have begun hacking it to death. Now Pax shows us how to play JK in a whole new way. Pax10/14/97
Code Of A KnightGamers of the world are drooling on their keyboards in anticipation of hacking into JK's code. Matt Bender checks out what will be possible with Jedi Knight...Matt Bender9/10/97
3D Tour GuideOne of the key differences in Jedi Knight to Dark Forces is the use of 3D objects, where DF used sprites. Privateer gives us a quick 'n dirty tutorial in 3D design. Privateer9/10/97
Jedi Knight RundownWith the release of Jedi Knight getting closer, David Erlenbusch has compiled all the information he could find on the game. David Erlenbusch8/11/97

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