Interrogation Room C
SuspectCrimeInterrogatorDate Written
RedCurrent boss over at Lost Web of the Jedi Knight - one of the top JK sites. He also a key to the JK project group called Skinners...Jeff Walters2/28/98
GCWebmaster of the famous Valley of the Jedi web site and active participant in the JK community.Jeff Walters1/15/98
AnnexAnnex is the leader of the huge SW gaming league - Black Sun. Jumbo Santos presents this interview in an interesting format.Jumbo Santos12/14/97
Alexei NovikovA member of the Code Allaince, Alexei is the man behind many great utilities (eg, JED).Jeff Walters11/13/97
Lionel FouillenLionel Fouillen is the author of two of the best levels ever made for Dark Forces - Archangel 1 & 2.Jeff Walters11/11/97

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