Interrogation Room C

Subject: Red

Interview by Jeff Walters

For those new to Jedi Knight, Red is one of the main men in the JK community. He's currently the boss over at Lost Web of the Jedi Knight - one of the best JK sites around. He also heads up a JK project group called Skinners....

Question - You've recently taken over at Lost Web of the Jedi Knight. What future plans do you have for the site?

Take over.. such a hostile word =). Well, I hope to expand LWJK by hosting more sites and adding more features. Yet, I want to keep true to Batman's format. Right now I'm "playing it by ear" as a newbie. I feel that we can expand into more European news etc. with the help of my co-webmaster, Matex. Matex is a teenager from Norway (Picture the IBM Olympic Ad =) ) and also a member of Skinners.

Question -LWJK recently teamed with Jedi Nights to create a joint editing web board for the JK community - how is it fairing so far?

Well, it's going OK. I'd like to see it used more -- but hey =). I try to visit it daily and help out in any way I can, so does Spart. Just this week, LWJK and Jedi Nights teamed up again to make a Poll Central. This was my way of paying back Spart, who did all the CGI work for the Editing Board. Both are turning out very well. Thanks to all who use them.

Question - Your first JK level 'Rebel Base on Hoth' has been a big success (4 stars at HyperView). Do you have any other levels in the works?

Well, I've been so busy (haven't we all?), but I plan to improve this level by reducing lag, and adding many MotS features such as X-Wings, Storm Trooper Transports, and E-Web Blasters. Also I plan to add some more rooms. I'd really appreciate any comments {hint}.

Question -Overall the standard of most JK levels being made is still fairly low despite JED being out for over two months now. We've yet to see even one high quality SP level as well. Do you think this will change in the near future and we'll see a sudden jump in level quality?

I actually made one other level, "Water Grave" which was very low quality -- but also it was my first level. It basically taught me how to use the basic features of JED. In Hoth I experimented more with cleaving, COG, and textures. I expect the same thing will happen to all level editors if they use JED or Force Builder -- just give them some time. What I am really hoping for is a new single-player episode instead of a single level.

Question - Skinners is one of the few project groups that has really delivered so far. What major projects are planned for further down the road?

Well, I've been so busy with work, LWJK, and real life that I've taken some down time with Skinners. I really hope to pick up the pace in Spring Vacation. In the meantime several Skinner members are working on various levels for the SOTE and/or ANH project. I've tested several beta copies and I must say they are a BIG leap from the levels in the SOTE Beta Copy. Great work guys!

Question - The preview for Skinner's ANH: TC at HyperView is very impressive - how is construction coming along?

Nick has been working like a mad man on those levels =). He and Saint have been leading this Total Conversion really. As I said, I hope to put things in over gear this Spring Vacation. Saint has some great skins so far. Keep an eye open.

Question - Tell us a little about the Skinner's group? How was it started and what is it's main goal? Also what kind of qualities do you look for in people wanting to join the group?

It all started when my good friend, Dravis Covell (of NetSquads), started to work on a James Bond skin. He inspired me to work on my Dash Rendar Skin. That took me 8 hours to make because I had no literature to learn from, only trial and error. Then in Early December another friend, Zybergoat (of The Sith Temple), encouraged me to start a SOTE Skin pack. In mid December I released a pack of about 8 skins under the Skinners name. Many including my two head men, Nick and Saint, joined the Staff then. Then a few weeks later I accidentally figured out to edit 3dos and made the Darth Vader mod (That took me 3 hours for the frame and less that half an hour for the mats). After that, I got a ton of responses and had to start saying "no" to new members (Sorry guys!).

Today, our main goal is to produce a high quality Total-Conversion and to *have fun* doing it. For new members I look for someone who has some kind of released work, and some one who understands the basic working of a skin, a level, or COG.

Question - What is your view on MotS? Does the new add-on provide any really unique opportunities for Editors?

Well, personally I love the game, but I don't think they’ve really added too much for editors. The core engine is basically the same. So, more or less they have given us new ideas over new options. I must say the Ships are totally cool. In case you didn't know, they are the SAME models used in X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter. Very nice team work LucasArts! Oh....there are a few cool things that can develop such as a new weapon and maybe a speeder bike level using the unfinished 3DOs on the MotS CD.

Question - A whole cache of unfinished or unused 3DOs and other assorted components have been discovered on the MotS CD ROM. Do you think the way LA has crammed the MotS CD full of all it's unused 'goodies' hints that maybe MotS will be the final official Mod for JK we'll see?

Personally I think it was more of an accident =) MotS seems to have been rushed through the final stages (Notice the Cutscenes are good, but not the Jedi Knight FMV good) of development. I think Stephen hinted in a new add-on in his Real Audio interview. But let's wait and see.

Please also note in your MotS Instruction book under Software and License Warrantee, number 7, Lucasarts may use levels people made in any future release or update. Maybe we'll see Cardia in a future LucasArts add-on =)

Question - Damn I hope so :) Finally, your Darth Vader 3DO won the 1997 Award for Best JK 3DO Model - working on any new models that might take the award in 1998? ;)

Ack! Well if I ever get around to it I may make an Emperor, or Obi-Wan model. If you really wanna see more high Quality models try the SOTE Beta 1 Release. It has a TON of great models including: a little better Vader, a Leia Slave Girl, a great Chewie Model, a also cool Imperial Guard, and much much more. Heck, maybe another Skinner may have that honor.