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Live, from the Star Light Room in the Cantina Cloud, located in beautiful downtown Bespin, it's your Second Annual Darkness Falls Jedi Knight Awards! Welcome this years host, Entropy!

Hi, how's everyone doing out there tonight? I'd like to welcome you to The Second Annual Darkness Falls Jedi Kight Awards. The Staff, here at Darkness Falls, would like to take this time to honor the Best of The Jedi Knight community. If it weren't for these indivuals, things would be kind of boring around here. These people have given so much of themselves to the community, this is our way of saying "Thank You". Of course, I know if I was them, I'd probably prefer some kind of monitary compensation. We've got a great awards show lined up for you folks tonight.

As the announcer already said, I'll be your host, and award presenter tonight. Seeing as I was one of the few staff members that wasn't nominated, and has no connection to any group that was nominated, for anything. Yea, don't I feel needed. I'd like to personnaly thank everyone that took the time to vote, you gave me something to do for a couple of days. UNfortuantly, this year, we aren't allowing winners to give an acceptnace speach. The director, RBF, felt this would be a bad idea, after last year's ordeal involving a few winners starting the parties a bit early, and consiqunetly getting up here and ruining our set. Too bad for that, Jeff Walters looks pretty hot in that little black dress he has on, and I wish you could all have as good of a view as I do... Well, it's about time we move onto the reason you came here, the awards...

Our first catagory is for Best News Site. These people spend countless hours a day sifting through emails, and searching countless Jedi Knight sites, to keep the rest of us informed. This is a job not to be taken lightly. The envelope please...
You'd be seeing nifty envelopes right now if you had a decent browser. Strange, never heard of them. But it's always good to see the under dog win. Congratulations to the staff over at, keep up the good work.

Learning how to edit Jedi Knight can be a very difficult task, I should know. Luckly there are numerous resources out there for newbies, and the more advance editors to take advantage of. These sites are created to help authors create a better product, or to promote their product. This catagory is for the Best Editing Related Site.

Massassi Temple

The crew over at Massassi do a wonderful job at teaching, and it is nice to see them now offer enhancements for levels. They're a great service. Keep up the good work.

With so many levels released, how do you know just which ones are worth downloading, and playing. That's where review sites come into play. These guys sit down, play all the new levels, and then write up their opinion on the level. It sure save the rest of us a lot of time. Let's see which site you voted for as the Best Review Site out there.


Once again, let's hear it for the under dog. Congrats Hyperview...

The majority of the levels released are multiplayer. So there was plenty of competiton in this next catagory. This next catagory is for best multiplayer level. We're giving an awrd to the best for both Jedi Kniight and Mysteries of the Sith.


Pirate Outpost

Two great levels. Cardia, by Jeff "The Cat" Walters, and Pirate Outpost by Spud. Both of these talented authors are working on projects that I can't wait till they're released. Good job, fellas!

Now, time for Best Single Player. Sonce there aren't many of these, we don't have a seperate catagory for Jedi Knights and Mysteries of the Sith. So, authors, for the next awards, start pumping out more good Single Player levels, give me another catagory to count. I beg of you, I get bored easily.

Warzone: Chapter 2

What an incredible level Warzone: Chapter 2 is! And to think, there's more where that came from. We sure are lucky to have projects like this one going on.

No matter where you are, or what you're doing, there always seems to be one person that goes above and beyond the call of duty. They don't get any extra from doing this, they just do it for the love of it. The Jedi Knight community is no diffrent. We are blessed to have many people contributing to better the gaming experience for others. This next catagory, Best Contributer, recognizes the person you think contributed the most tot he community over the past year.

Alexei Novikov

Yes, I think it's fair to say everyone in the commmunity is greatful for what Alexei has given us. I think it's also fair to say he has one of the coolest names to say. Thanks man!

This next catagory was a hard one. This is for Most Accomplished Player. This is for thoe people you dread playing. You exit them game once they enter, because your ego bruises easily. Or, maybe I'm just speaking for myself.


COngrats Silencer. I've nevre played against you, but chances are the score would be something like ten thousand to one, in your favor

Clans are part of every online gaming community. This catagory goes to the best clans out there. Since I have nothing witty to say right now, let's just go to the results...



The Great Shaolins (Tie)

Well, we've got our selves a tie between the Knights of Cloud City, and the Great Shaolins. Both great and deserving clans.

Even though Lucasarts created an incredible game for us, sometimes doing things the routine way gets boring. Some some friends decide to get togetehr and start messing with the game, in hopes of making ordinary game play more fun. Sometimes these people will decide to change almost everything about the game, and then, an Addon is born. This is the Best Addon catagory.


Those crazy cats over at JK Gangstas definatly struck gold with Infiltrate. It has taken up a huge following, and it will be around for some time.

With out utilities, Jedi Knight would be almost impossible for anyone to edit. There are many utlities out there, all extremely helpful, but some are more helpful then others. Letr's see what you picked as the Best Utility.


Yea, I guess you could say that JED is a pretty handy program. I, on the other hand, am a true level author. I sit there and type out all the cooridanates and flags and such. I don't need no JED. By the way, look for my first level to be released soon, it's entitled A Box.

I think I need to have a talk with our producer, RBF. When he made up the ballot, you think he could've done it any more randomly? I'm doing the catagories in the order he had them on the ballot. The organization is so haphazzard, I'm having trouble coming up with segways between catagories. Any ways... This catagory is for Best Project Team. See if this was a few places up, I could'ver had a beautiful segway...

JK Gangstas

These guys are supposed to be the best of the best, and they can't even spell correctly. Errrr.. Wait, looks who's talking... I'm gonna shut up now. Good job guys!

This program isn't flowing at all. Actaully, is flowing more like a glass bottle through rapids. Enough of my complaining. In my opinion, this is the big catagory here. The one everyone wants, but only one can recieve. You guessed it, this is the catagory for Most Accomplished Level Author. Let's see who the big winner is tonight...

Jeff "The Cat" Walters

Yea, tell me this guys doesn't have connections in high places here... I can see that the James Cameron of the DF awards has already started the party a bit early with that keg he's got underneath his seat. Lets' move onto the next catagory while security takes it's place... But, honestly, congrats Jeff.

We're entering the home stretch here. Only a few more catagories, and you don't have to listen to me anymore. This catagory is for The Most Accomplished Skinner. These guys are artist in their own right. They create some incredible skins to make MP more enjoyable for us.

Al McDonald

Congratulations Al, you are most deserving ofthis award. Keep up the good work.

I have spent many hours trying to teach myself how to cog, and even with all the tutorials out there, it can be kind of difficult. And I amamzed when i see incredible cogs that people made. These people have been cogging since the demo was released. They taught themselves how to cog. These guys are certainly talented. Here's the envelope for Most Accomplished Cogger.


With all the work Pele does with cogs, I bet he has become so consumed by his work that that's all he knows now, cogs. So I'm gonna say this so he can understand. SetAwardCog(Pele, 1.0, Congrats); Can the jokes get any cornier? Or my speach hard to understand?

Before I get to our last catagory, I'd like to take this time to thank you once again for your input, we couldn't have put this show on with out you. I'd also like to congratulate all our award winners again. Here it is, our final catagory, Most Accomplished 3DO modeler.


Congratultions for you hard work, Fixxer. Keep up the good work.

Well, that does it for the awards ceremony. Have a good night, and drive safely.

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