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Subject: Jeff Walters

Interview by Adrian Burnett

For those who don't know him, Jeff Walters is an accomplished level author for both Jedi Knight and Dark Forces. He is also a webmaster/newsmaster of several popular sites including LucasGames and

Question - Ok Jeff, firstly, can you explain in your own words what exactly happened to Darkness Falls with the magazine style release?

Ok, well the main reason that it switched from the magazine format to the 'articles site' was because I was finding it increasingly difficult to get it out on time - usually around 50% of articles contributors were late to some degree and as I was starting University again in March I knew there was no way I could have gotten a March edition together - that's the main reason for the switch. - the articles site idea mainly failed because of external/offline problems. The switch back to magazine style I think was a good idea of yours and RBF - it just has more style in that format :)

Question -Now that Darkness Falls has more people involved and seems to be stable, are you interested in continuing to write articles for it?

Yup, I'm really happy more people are involved as well - I don't think RBF will have the same probs I did because he is much more willing to delegate - I was just too much of a control freak :) The fact that a lot of things were submitted late, I was kinda reluctant to entrust too much of an issue's release to anyone.

Question - I know you do alot of webmastering at places like, Bespin, and Lucasgames to name a few. I also know you have announced that you were leaving alot of the community. Do you believe you have any future at any of these sites for instance?

Well, Bespin has been closed and I doubt it'll come back as it was really just my personal website (besides the forum and Al's skinpacks page). I might create another personal webiste sometime down the track - but it will be more of a general page - not DF/JK related. As for, I'm stepped aside from updating the news their for a few reasons. Mainly offline reasons - but I was also getting a bit annoyed with the volume of mail we we're getting that were making demands from Aristotle (who is a great guy and deserves more respect than a lot of people who contact us give him) and also the number of people criticising Cali-girl's efforts - she works far harder than I ever could have :) I am going to be involved in though.

Question -Ok, I also heard you lost your internet connection. How did you manage to keep it?

Friends :) Got enough money together to pay last month's bill and should have enough for this month as well.

Question - Are things picking up on your Offline problems? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Well, not quite yet. The offline probs haven't gone away and generally life is going up and down like a yo-yo. around two weeks ago was the worst low in a while - but things have improved a bit lately. Still - along way from a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's life :) Been like this for a while so I think I'll manage.

Question - How exactly are you planning to continue with this community? Editing still?

Yup, I'm currently working hard on my Drazen Isle level to get it finished. As I'm aiming for it to very very large - it's still a way off completion. I think it will be out late October (roughly). So I'm still invovled in the editing side of the community, but I'm out of the webmastyering/newmastering scene and will likely be sticking to the editing forums too.

Question - Could you tell me a bit of your editing plans after Drazen Isle?

Haven't really planned for after Drazen, got a SP script in the works - I have some non-JK programming to do as well - but I imagine I will do another project at some stage. I was working with Pax, Pele and Dak on planning an SP project just before JK Gangstas was formed. (JK Gangstas was originally the name for that project BTW - but as it's on hold.. :)

Question - I thought it was JK98?

yeah - the project was called JK98 - but we called the group planning it JK Gangstas (a homage to the ol' DF Gangstas group). I'm not sure about JK98's future - but we did have a good story planned out so hopefully it won't go to waste :)

Question - Why did you decide to join JK gangstas afterall?

Was always sort of been an inactive member - was on the original list and the even came up with the name :) (homage to Dak's previous work). Decided that as I was wanting to keep editing after Drazen Isle I should re-join :) Best crowd around to be editing with.

Question - So what can you tell me about this SP script you got in the works?

Not too much right now as I'm still working out the details - but it will be set in the arctic region of a planet and you will play a new rupublic soldier on a recon team.

Question - . Now I and many others wonder where you get your level editing talent from. Have you edited other 3d shooter games in the past besides Dark Forces?

Not really, messed with Doom a bit but didn't release anything (mainly because I saw DF and immediately banished Doom into mothballs :)

Question - . Why did you choose JK over other games to play?

Mainly because of it being DF's sequel - the remainder of the DF community melded into the JK community and I kind went with the flow :) When I got a Voodoo2 card recently though - I got a free copy of Quake2 - easy to see why so many edit the game. While it lacks JK's story and general level layouts - the coloured lighting is absolutely staggering - much much better than the lighting in MotS.

Question - .Have you spoken to any of those old DF junkies of recent? Like Lionel Fouillen or Peter Klassen?

Talked to Peter Klassen yesteday via email - was asking about setting up a tracker at Spaceport for his project. Haven't seen Lionel in a while though.

Question - . What is your take on the community in general?... Is JK dying in your opinion as many seem to say?

Not really......well - one aspect of JK is dying very rapidly and that's Clans. Nowhere near as many as when JK first came out and the Clan forums are a lot quieter these days - but overall I think JK is very much alive, projects of quality are starting to be completed now. Good to see.

Question - Yeah KoCC, our clan, is pretty static nowadays :)

Very true. Yesterday I played my first JK MP match in 3 months. Was so out of practice I had to tell my opponent to stop for a sec while I worked out how I fought with a saber again :)

Question - One last question, it sounds like you are getting involved in Spaceport now, are you looking to join it's staff?

Not really a member of the staff - Part-time....doing a few reviews and will help out a bit with the trackers.

Ok thanks Jeff. that should be enough info to chew on for a while ..thanks for your time.

No prob - now where's my pay cheque!

Uhh... it's in the mail.

Dagnammit - with Aussie mail I'll get it sometime during the next Ice Age :(

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