On The Soapbox

Editorial by Brian Taylor

New Layout

I've been toying with a new layout for a while now, and I think this is the one that we're going to keep. I'm really interested in feedback, so drop me a quick e-mail with your thoughts. Also, don't hesitate to e-mail myself or Adrian with questions about the magazine in general. We'd like to know what parts of the magazine you like, what parts you hate, and what you'd like to see added.

September Already?

Unfortunately, yes, it is. And this means one thing for most teen-agers: School! As a teen myself (I'm 16) I understand what it's like to have to get up for school at about the same time you were going to sleep during the summer. We here at Darkness Falls sincerely hope that you don't let trivial things such as schoolwork interfere with the important things in life, such as editing JK. (That was a joke, folks.) Some advice: if you've got a study period with a teacher who refuses to let you look around the room, and you've already finished those 30 trig problems your teacher insists on giving you, it is generally not a good idea to announce to the class that you are Kyle Katarn, on a quest to find the Valley of the Jedi. Trust me on this one.

Nah Manna?

So this month the shot isn't from a game. Shoot me. On second thought, don't. This is just one of Fuurgh's beautiful Got Milk? parodies.

Pic of the Month
"Translation: AAAAAGH! FAELAN!"

Send in your pics (preferably in GIF or JPG format) to Entropy at ak_entropy@hotmail.com.


Our very own Adrian Burnett has taken over the JK Academy and is hard at work getting it set up. Make sure you check out the JK Academy open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As some of you know, I have been working for far too long with Magi on the mod called Blaster Tag. I would like everyone to know that the coding is finally finished, and the beta testing will begin once the levels are completed.

The monkey is not dead, Phil!

The conclusion to Warzone isn't finished this month because I've been working on the above. (No, not the monkey, Blaster Tag.) Hopefully I'll have it finished for next month.


We're looking for a few (ok, a lot) good writers and artists to help us out with Darkness Falls. If you're interested in becoming a writer, feel free to e-mail me. Include any ideas for articles that you may have. If you wish to contribute artwork, contact Entropy

Next Month

I promise you we'll have the conclusion of both Warzone and the Interactive Story. We'll also be starting a new one, so get your brains thinking. Also, I hope to have an article on cheating in JK, with several interviews with cheaters. (Note: this is not to encourage cheating, but to look at the problem and see why people cheat) And hopefully, we'll beat our curse and release a full issue.

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