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September 1998 - Volume 3, Number 2.



Your Favorites
For the past month the JK community has voted in the JK Awards. Now the results are in. (There was a fancy java version of this, but it didn't work)
The Cat's Litterbox
Jeff Walters (the Cat), a highly experienced level editor, gives advice on everything from picking a level editor to editing groups in the first article aimed at new editors.
As the 3D Preview Turns
Tim Hayes and Adrian Burnett, our previewing duo, take a look at several new levels, including some Dark Forces work.
You know what books are, right? They're those things that you used to read before you got a computer. Tom Smallwood looks over a book that is a great read if you want tips on good architecture.
The Great Outdoors
Brian Lozier of the Massassi Temple takes a look at techniques to create better outdoor architecture.



Interactive Story
Michael Butler

This Issue


Adrian Burnett has been busy this month, interviewing Jeff Walters for the Interrogation Room and talking to Brian Lozier about the Massassi Temple. (He's really very good. Barely even leaves scars.) Pele's War and Peace of cog should be a great help to anyone who wants to learn cog, and it could teach the experienced a thing or two. Just watch out for his examples. This month's Soundbytes take a look at the highly energetic and fun swing, while the movies take a darker turn with homicidal maniacs, mind control, and vampires. Speaking of which, I have some hunting to do.



On The Soap Box
Brian Taylor
Interrogation Room C
Adrian Burnett
Site Review
Adrian Burnett
Class is in!
Mark "Pele" Jones
Movie Reviews
Adam "Entropy" Keller
Dan Callahan



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