Darkness Falls - The Story

Chapter 11


Wriiten by Michael Butler

Kyle watched as General Mohc emerged from behind a group of stormtroopers.
"I see your security has improved", Kyle remarked.
"I try to learn from my past mistakes. I had the ship's important computer files under surveillance. Just in case of sabotage," Mohc replied. "Although I never expected it to be you who set off the alarm."
"Expecting trouble in your own ranks?" asked Kyle, studying the array of troops in front of him. They were all armed to the teeth, blaster rifles, thermal detonators and repeater gun.
"When dealing with pirates and criminals, its best to be prepared. Especially with the changes that will be occurring shortly."
"Really, and what changes are those?"
"You might find out sometime, if you live long enough," said Mohc. "but what I want to know is how you got here?"
"I'm afraid I ran into your dark friend. He seemed to think that I could take him to you."
"He won't be a problem any more" said Mohc without emotion.
"Yes, I saw your handiwork. Very impressive. A new super laser?"
"A slight modification to the original Death Star technology.", Mohc answered. "However enough questions. You've been a thorn in my side for long enough. Now you will die."
Mohc signalled to a couple of stormtroopers who raised their blaster carbines and... BOOM! - all hell broke lose. Using the force, Kyle had detonated one of the thermal detonators. White armour and body parts flew through the air. In a split second Kyle had scooped up his lightsaber, ignited it and was running at the troops behind him. A few managed to react and fire off a few shots but those were deflected away with his saber. Kyle charged at the troops, who where either knocked over like bowling pins or cut in half by his flailing lightsaber. Using the force, Kyle accelerated away from the troops who had started to give chase, firing their blasters as they went. However the shots exploded harmlessly against the wall.
Mohc staggered to his feet and surveyed the bodies spread around him. His own armour was blackened and damaged from the close proximity of the blast, "Damn you Katarn."
The intercom bleeped and Kane spoke. "General, four Imperial Star Destroyers have just entered the area", he said with a slight trace of panic. "Don't worry", responded Mohc calmly, "I'm on my way."
Kyle finally lost his pursuers but in doing so had managed to lose himself in the maze of corridors. The corridor he was in was deserted and looked like it hadn't been in use for a very long time. Some kind of service corridor, probably used in the construction of the ship thought Kyle has he tried a few of the doors, but all were locked. He was just about to turn around and try and find another way out when he came across another door. This one had the words 'Power Maintenance Auxiliary Control' written in Imperial script.
"Hmm, this looks interesting", said Kyle igniting his lightsaber. He cut a large hole in the door and stepped through.
The room was dark, illuminated only by the light being given off from his saber. Kyle took a step forward and promptly banged his leg against something hard, a console. Kyle leaned forward and studied the controls. "There's got to be an activation switch here somewhere."
A shout from behind startled him. "You're not authorised in this area".
Kyle turned and saw a grey suited Imperial officer.
"Routine maintenance" improvised Kyle.
"That involves cutting holes in doors with illegal weapons does it?", replied the officer raising a pistol., "Put down your weapon."
Kyle obeyed, placing the now extinguished lightsaber on the floor. As he raised his arm up again, he stretched out his hand intending to pull the gun from the grasp of his captor. Only the weapon didn't arrive neatly in his hand, instead it flew into a darkened corner of the room. In a instant the officer leapt at Kyle. Kyle reacted a little slowly and the officer managed to land a punch. Surprised, Kyle swung back, only to see the officer dodge the punch. Something wasn't right here, he tried to reach out using the force only to find a empty space where the force usually was. A lesser man than Kyle might have been worried about the lack of his Jedi Powers. However he'd been in plenty of fights before he discovered his force powers. The officer threw another punch, this time Kyle was quicker and grabbed hold of the attacker's wrist and twisted it. His assailant responded by kicking out a Kyle which forced him to loosen his grip. It was Kyle's turn to go on the offensive this time, a sequence of punches to the officer's midriff and one to the head sent him tumbling back into the console. As he landed on the console, it sprang to life. First a gentle hum started to permeate the room and then lights started to come on all over the room. The officer's gun was now visible at the far side of the room, he made a scramble for it. Kyle kicked out, tripping the officer who fell heavily against the side of another control panel, hitting his head. Kyle tensed waiting for the next attack, but it never came. The officer was in a heap on the floor. Kyle retrieved the gun and started to look for some way of securing the unconscious Imperial.
Kane turned when he heard Mohc's metallic footsteps approaching from behind. "What's going on Mohc?" he demanded pointing to the Imperial Star Destroyers in the distance.
Mohc ignored him, instead turned to a Imperial officer and said "Get me the lead ship."
"Aye sir," the officer replied. A few seconds passed and then a holographic image appeared in front of Mohc and his Black Sun comrade.
The image was of an Imperial Admiral, looking resplendent in his freshly pressed uniform. "Admiral Moshan" said Mohc, "So glad you could make it."
Kane's fur rippled and he stared at Mohc. "What's going on", he demanded again.
Again the General didn't reply, instead Moshan addressed Mohc, "Good to see you again General. Is everything prepared?"
"Yes, Admiral. The Darkness Falls and her support fleet stand ready for the change of command..."
"What!" exclaimed Kane interrupting the General.
"Very good General" replied Moshan, ignoring the outburst, "Stand by for boarding."
The Admiral's hologram flickered and then vanished. Kane glanced at the tactical screen and saw that the Imperial fleet had started to launch shuttles and fighters. Turning to Mohc, he again asked, "What's going on?"
"You heard. I'm handing back over to the Empire.", Mohc smiled. "Time to become a soldier for the Empire again."
"And what of all the time and money that Black Sun have invested in this project?", Kane asked angrily.
"Contributions by good Imperial Citizens", Mohc said with a trace of humour.
"I won't stand for this!", Kane shouted.
"You don't have any choice", said Mohc raising his weapon arm to point at Kane. "You will work for us or die!"
Kane took a step back, nearly falling into the crew pit. He ran through his options, didn't quite like any of the choices being presented to him. "Okay, okay." he said hurriedly, "I'll agree. Just let me inform my men."
"Glad you see it my way" said Mohc lowering his weapon and indicating to the communication station, "be my guest."
Kane moved over to the station and switched on the ship wide broadcast system.
"This is Kane.", he said into the microphone. "I have just been informed by General Mohc that he has thrown his lot in with the remnants of the Empire. More Imperial troops will be arriving anytime. To my loyal pirate crew I say...". He paused, looked back at Mohc and then continued, "grab your weapons and anything else you can carry and get to your ships. We're getting out of here..."
Kane felt a blast from Mohc's assault cannon explode near by. Drawing his own weapon he fired a couple of shots before making a dash off the bridge.
Chaos erupted through out the ship. Wherever that Black Sun members and Imperial troops encountered each other, weapons fire was exchanged. The 'Darkness Falls' became a battle zone as the forces loyal to Kane battled to escape from the Imperial treachery. Forces that had been working together side by side, now fought each other with venom and passion. An end to the uneasy alliance.
Kyle was studying the now active console when he heard the announcement. He smiled to himself as he heard the distance sound of blaster fire. Just the diversion I need. Now if I can only find some way of destroying the super weapon.
Kyle gave the console one more look over. "Hmm, this looks interesting.", he said again as he spotted what looked like a self-destruct sequencer. He reached over and pulled the switch. A low hum came from below his feet. Then there was a grinding sound, coming from the both sides of him. Kyle watched the lights on the console flicker for a moment. The grinding sound stopped, Kyle turned to look. What he saw he'd hoped he'd never have to see again. Three compartments had opened and out of them emerged three of Mohc's genetic soldier creatures. "I don't know how I'm going to get out of this one" said Kyle as the creatures encircled him. be concluded.

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