Darkness Falls Tutorial

Music To Our Ears

by Jeff Walters

Ok, put your hand up if you're sick and tired of hearing the music from Secbase in every add-on level made. The fact is that a good percentage of level authors don't even think of changing a level's music. I should know, because I was one of them. Music just never seemed important to me until one of my beta-testers for Mt. Kurek, Geoffrey Elliott, asked me why didn't I change the music of the level.

It was then as I changed the level's music that I realised not just how easy it is to change music around, but also how music really impacts on a level. So here is the steps to take in order to get rid of that tired old Secbase tune -
Now that you know how to change Dark Forces music around, you can not only swap one level's music for anoher, BUT also you can create your own music and use it!

One final word. In the next month or so, a level called Tie Phantom Base will be released. Download it straight away when it comes out. It is an absolutely perfect example of what is possible with music in Dark Forces. The way the author (Mike Rajotte) implements the music within the level is simply stunning.....It makes you feel like you're actually *in* the Star Wars movies.