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The ScenemakerDF veteran and cutscene god Peter Klassen delivers us an indepth look at the often neglected art of making Cutscenes. A must read for Dark Forces level authors.Peter Klassen2/28/98
Projects UnderwayWanna hear about the latest Dark Forces (and one JK) projects in the works or just released? Well, Thumper is your man as he has scrounged up the latest info.David I. Hines2/28/98
Jungle Fever - Pt. 3This article series by Mark Haidekker, takes us through the aspects of creating a successful DF level. Now he concludes the series with a look at briefings and the PDA.Mark Haidekker12/14/97
Dark Forces ArtworkThinking of creating a new enemy for Dark Forces, but the first few frames don't look right? Well, read on, as Ajay Huff presents a tutorial on using shading in DF art.Ajay Huff11/12/97
Jungle Fever - Pt. 2Mark Haidekker continues his article series on making a successful DF level. This time he takes a look at creating your own custom VOCs...Mark Haidekker11/10/97
The Fall Of Dark TidesDark Tides was one of the most ambitious DF projects ever. But DT got off to a rocky start and never recovered. Miller, the project's CEO, gives us the story behind it.Miller10/12/97

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