Dark Forces Articles Archive - Row A
ArticleDescriptionAuthorDate Written
Still Alive & KickingThough JK's release has sucked most of the life out of Dark Forces, it is by no means finished. This month saw the release of a great level and more are still on the way.Jeff Walters10/9/97
Jungle Fever - Pt. 1Mark Haidekker's new article series on making a successful DF level. First off he takes a look at the art of making Waxes...Mark Haidekker10/9/97
Making of Kurek - Pt. 2Second and final part in this article series taking a look at how some of the special effects were done in the level Mt. Kurek were created.Jeff Walters9/12/97
Previews & ReviewsAn exclusive sneak peak of a few new levels in construction. Among side all those previews is a review of the latest level released, Free Kelly. Jeff Walters9/10/97
Music To Our EarsMany people think that there is a great deal of work involved in swapping a level's music for another levels.Well, there isn't...and this tutorial shows you just how easy it is. Jeff Walters9/10/97
Making of Kurek - Pt. 1The first in a two part series, these articles take a look at how the Special FXs in the level were created. Such as the VUE effects, and the first sequencer charge explosion! Jeff Walters8/6/97
On The HorizonEven with the coming of Jedi Knight, there are still many Dark Forces level projects underway. Here's a detailed preview of what DF level authors are developing. Jeff Walters8/4/97
New BloodThough Dark Forces levels are becoming an endangered species, two eagerly awaited levels have appeared on the scene. Namely, The Rock and Assault: Fortress DantooineJeff Walters8/4/97
Catching The SubwayExperienced Dark Forces level author, Eric Pauker, shows us how to create a monorail, as seen in his level, the terrific Energy Mine on Parux. Jeff Walters8/4/97

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