"How can I become a reporter?"

"Easy. Just send me an email saying what areas you'd like to help out with, previous experience, etc. We don..." His voice trails off as a beep from his comlink interrupts his train of thought. Annoyed at the disturbance he snatches at it and yells into it - "Yes?!?. His jaw drops "What do you mean Massassi Temple beat us to the story - I thought I told you to sabotage their transport?!?"

The static caused by the sender yelling in the comlink causes Jeff to lift it away from his ear and shake his head. He gives you a weary look and waits for the voice to die down. "Ok....now listen. I don't care how - just get that story......get Lozier drunk if you have to - just do it!" His anger not quite spent, Jeff slams the comlink down on the floor.

Suddenly remembering your presence and question, he continues, "Anyway, if you have the skills....then please contact me. We're always in search of good people."

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