Tuesday, March 23, 1999   - We have returned Subscribers = 841

We're BACK!:

The March 99 issue is finally here and ready to read.

Tuesday, November, 1998   - November Issue uploaded

November 98 uploaded:

The November 98 issue is up. You can get it in zip format from the Back Issues page. All the pics work this time, too! (Thanks again to Jeff for uploading, and GamesNet, WE WANT LOGINS! :-) )

Monday, October 19, 1998   - October Issue uploaded

October 98 uploaded:

The October 98 issue of DF is uploaded, minus the site review article. Sorry it's so late, and thanks to Jeff for uploading it.

Monday, September 7, 1998   - September Issue Complete

September 98 issue finished:

The September 98 issue of DF is now complete. A zip file is available on the Back Issues page.

Monday, September 7, 1998   - Issue uploaded

September 98 issue up:

The September 98 issue of DF is online. It features the results of the JK awards, Previews, Tips on outdoor architecture, and a huge cog tutorial. It will be available for download as soon as I receive the final article. (We have a curse: We're never to release an issue with all the articles)

Back Issues:

Back Issues of DF are now available. I was unable to find January or February of 98, however, so you will have to look through the archives for articles from those issues.

Saturday, August 8, 1998   - Issue complete

August 98 available for download:

The August 98 issue of DF is now downloadable. Entropy's article has been added. Go vote!

Friday, August 7, 1998   - New Issue Online

August 98 issue online!:

You read it right. August 98 issue of DF is available for online reading. All but one article are there. Once I get the last article, the zip will be put up. See, Entropy's been having problems with his connection and his e-amail isn't working right.

Thursday, July 23, 1998   - Return of the Magazine


Adrian Burnett is looking for anyone with levels in construction that would be interested in doing a preview. Previews can be an excellent way to create hype or allow suggestions for it from readers. Anyone interested, contact Adrian at val_burnett@bc.sympatico.ca

New issue

In case you haven't heard, Darkness Falls will be going back to the monthly magazine format. Our staff will be collaborating with several writers from Jedi Legacy to create two online zines that will take advantage of their different styles. Here's what's in store:
Tuesday, June 16, 1998   - Minor updates at 10:05 AM


Seems like the pictures in the preview article were broken. They've been fixed.

What's Next?

Well, we've got a few new articles lined up (including one from Magi on good single player levels) and possibly a few previews of different add-ons that are in the works. Stay tuned. And this Friday (June 19th) I'm going to South Carolina for a weeks vacation, so after Friday the site won't be updated until the 28th, most likely.

Sunday, June 14, 1998   - We're not dead yet!

I'm heeeeeere!!!!.

Well everyone, our beloved Jeff Walters couldn't keep up with the load, so he gave the site to me, the Resident Buffy Fanatic, RBF. In a way. I write and organize everything, but he still has to upload the stuff, since we're having a login shortage. Look forward to some changes around here. First of all, I need lots of people to write articles, be they tutorials, interviews, previews, whatever. Just e-mail me your ideas, and I'll let you know whether to write or not. Plus, I want to branch out into non-DF and JK stuff, so, like, write something.

Give a new enemy the gift of the Darkside

Mark Jones of the Code Alliance has written a tutorial on adding new Dark Jedi to a level. Hopefully this will let us see some more SP levels with tougher final enemies. Expect Mark to follow with an article on AI editing.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Adrian Burnett takes a look at upcoming levels from Sinclair, Jeff Walters, and an exclusive preview of Warzone 2, the highly anticipated single player level from Magi.

Saturday, May 9, 1998   - Pulse is strengthing, Doctor

Yes, we are still alive . . .

Sorry for the lack of new articles but frankly I have been flat out with university work and family commitments and many articles I thought we're being written by others were never received :( The search for an assistant editor for the site was very successful (see below), but we are in dire need of people willing to come up with article ideas and follow through with them.

Welcome RBF! . . .

As stated above the search for an assistant editor was a great success with many skilled applicants contacting me. In the end I choose my long time friend and Darkness Falls contributor - Brian 'RBF' Taylor. Great to have him around and a big hats off to the other highly qualified applicants. Thanks for the support.

Articles ahead? . . .

The next chapter to the interactive story should be up very soon, but I have no new JK or DF articles to post (hint hint). Hopefully I'll find time to whip up one or two plus some new movie reviews soon. I am also planning an interview with a prominent DF/JK 'activist' very soon ;)

Thursday, April 16, 1998   - Cutscenes & Cutbacks

Cutscene Tutorials . . .

Just added two new tutorials to the JK Articles page. One on how to make SMK cutscenes and the other on making MotS style ones. Definitely worth a read for serious editors. Thanks to Jonathon Clark and Pele for the articles.

Story Continuation . . .

The next chapter of the Interactive story has been posted in the Misc Articles section. This chapter is written by Michael P. Butler and has Kyle making his escape from the clutches ot the Black Sun...

Help Wanted & Panel Closed

I'm looking for an assistant webmaster for Darkness Falls to help out arranging articles and updates, etc. If you have the experience - please contact me.
Also, in an effort to cut down on the pressure on myself and contributors I've closed the level review part of Darkness Falls. I'd like to thank Pele, Brian and Pax for the work they put into the reviews.

Condition Red!

I'm sure many of you already know that Jereth Kok and Peter Klassen recently released a new level for Dark Forces called - Condition Red. Apparently many people have had trouble downloading the level from Jereth's site so he has posted the level's zip file (Cond-Red.zip) in the Incoming directory at ftp.swgamers.com. NOTE - there are two Cond-Red.zip's there - one is a failed upload. Please download the larger one (1.8meg).
Also regarding the level, many players have become stuck when reaching the part with the ladder becasue they do not know how to progress using it. Simply walk up to the ladder and nudge it and you'll begin your ascent.....

Tuesday, April 7, 1998   - The Start Of A New Era . . .

The New Darkness Falls . . .

Welcome to the new Darkness Falls! First question you may be asking is - Why the change from Magazine format to this? I could easily some up with a 200 item list of reasons, but primarily this way is much easier to manage yet also allows more articles, interviews, reviews, etc. You'll notice that in the top frame is an index to the new site - here's the run down :-


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