"The Panel trashed my level.....I'm here to trash you"

Jeff laughs nervously and looks around for assistance. Seeing none, he leans towards you in a conspiratorial way. "It's all Brian's fault! He said we had to give your level a bad rating or else he'd put the hurt on us. Seriously! I mean...er...I personally loved your level! Best ever made....really!"

He scratches the back of his neck nervously as he looks back at Brian working at his PC. Making sure Brian isn't listening, Jeff lowers his voice even further and says, "....I even heard him bad mouthing your mother man! I think he's the one you'd be wanting to have a word with."

As you crack your knuckles and approach the unaware and innocent Brian, Jeff slips quickly out the front door of the Darkness Falls staff room. A quiet chuckle the only thing betraying his exit.....

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