Renting MMORPG Characters?
06-26-2005 6:13 am

No surprise here folks. With gamers snagging MMORPG characters off ebay on a regular basis, it comes as no surprise that now you can rent your own MMORPG character for a certain amount down and a certain amount per month.  Gamepal launched a new service this past week which allows you to rent a player in up to 14 different games including Star Wars Galaxies, and you can get your deposit back so long as you do not do anything particularly damaging to the character.

Here's a clip of the story from Wired News:

 GamePal customers pay a $300 deposit, $150 for the first month and $130 for each subsequent month for access to their choice of 50 accounts (available initially) for 14 popular MMOs, including EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes and Ultima Online.

Newcomers to these games who aren't sure where they want to devote their time are in luck: GamePal allows them to try out what they want.

"For all 14 games, they can choose any (available) account they want," said GamePal co-founder Eric Smith. "It's up to them what game they want to play."

Renters get their deposit back if they don't do anything to "damage" an account -- getting demoted to lower levels, ditching in-game possessions or violating the games' terms of service, Smith said.

Among hard-core MMO players and the game companies themselves, the buying and selling of accounts -- through places like eBay or the secondary market IGE -- has long been a point of contention. Many feel one of the chief elements that makes such games worthwhile is the sense of community that grows among players over hundreds of hours of shared quests and battles with monsters.

That sentiment is certain to be even stronger when it comes to players who have rented their accounts and likely won't stick around for the long haul.

Source & Full Story: Wired News