LucasFilm / ILM Moving From The Ranch
06-22-2005 5:21 pm

Say it aint so! Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic will be packing their bags and leaving the famed Skywalker Ranch! ... but all is not lost. They will join LucasArts at a new facility that will cost George Lucas upwards of 350 Million to snag... but the facility looks like something out of Star Wars! Bottom line is that Lucas is buying the most picture perfect high tech National Park in San Francisco.... aka, The Presidio National Park.

 The new Presidio headquarters is central to Lucasfilm's strategy to maintain supremacy. Executives tout the largest high-performance data network in the industry: 600 miles of cable connect visual-effects artists to a 10-gigabyte networkó10 times more bandwidth than they had in their former offices. A 13,500-square-foot data center will crunch ILM's digital images 24 hours a day, using more than 3,000 high-end computer processors from Silicon Valley firm AMD. But the Lucas folks are just as excited about the more pedestrian features of the campus: the 350-seat cafeteria, the fitness center and day care, which they hope will foster an ongoing exchange of ideas among employees. For example, a videogame designer thinking about how to render a character's virtual hair could tap an ILM employee for tips. And an ILM artist who finishes a summer special-effects movie could be put to work on a videogame. "Collaboration between games and cinema is the way we become unique again," says ILM R&D chief Steve Sullivan.

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