Battlefront II: Q & A
06-15-2005 10:16 am

Gamecloud tossed up a dandy Q & A today with Shara Miller, producer for Battlefront II. Included in the mix of answers are some details on how the game will be improved over the original graphically, how players will be able to experience playing as a Jedi, and improved online playing capacities.  Makes for a great read.

Gamecloud - How do the Jedi figure into Battlefront II?

Shara Miller - Think of Jedi in Star Wars Battlefront II the way you think of Jedi in a Star Wars battle: one goes a long way. As players progress through each mission, they’ll unlock the chance to play as a Jedi, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader, for one glorious turn. How the player uses their Jedi affects how much time they get to use it -- hack and slash at your allies, for example, and you’ll lose your privileges quick. Unleash fury on your enemies, however, and you’ll get to live out your Jedi fantasies a bit longer. Jedi can use both lightsabers and Force powers, as well as their tremendous power and heath. So think of them as your secret weapon in battles, and learn how to use them well.

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