SW Galaxies: Class Balance Gone Bad?
06-14-2005 11:55 am

Some interesting comments out of Gamepro regarding the tough act of class balancing when it comes to keeping folks happy in the ever expanding world of MMORPG.  They take their fair share of shots at Star Wars Galaxies attempts to class balance as well.

Users were incensed when Creature Handlers ruled the universe in Star Wars Galaxies--then angered even more when the class was beat down with the nerf bat in subsequent patches. Class disarray continued for SWG: Tera Kasis then ruled with their Vibroknucklers until the ingenius inclusion of Jedis ...who then littered the landscape in time when Jedi's were supposedly hunted to extinction (Vader has been too busy sipping Galactic Grande Lattes in the Emperor's Retreat in Naboo).

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Source: Slashdot