Review: Revenge of the Sith
06-13-2005 5:21 pm

Ringing in with mixed reviews, Revenge of the Sith finds itself with another review this week with a mixed reaction. Although they love the mix of the movie aka LucasFilm into the video game, they find in the end it's a typical hack and slash title.

Here's a clip from The Davis Enterprises Review:

 Although the animations of Jedi acrobatics are fun to play with, ultimately this game is a typical hack-and-slash affair through the seminal moments of "Episode III." All the back-flipping and fancy lightsabering are neat, except for when your character gets pummeled by blaster fire because he won't stop his little dance to actually slice some enemy limbs off.

Static camera angles add to the frustration of off-camera enemies having their way with our heroes, to which the only defense is to deflect blaster fire. This does prove to be a problem when surrounded on (and off) camera. Gameplay is artificially lengthened by "ray shields" that won't allow players to proceed until defeating all the enemies in a section.

Source and Full Story: The Davis Enterprises