SW Lego Review: 4 Stars
06-13-2005 5:14 pm

The lego mania continues to roar. Tonight we see one of the latest review proclaim folks should save their money on other Star Wars games and toss their funds towards the cuteness of lego jedi hurling their sabers about.

Here's a little excerpt from The Davis Enterprises

Trust me. Once you see how cute little Darth Maul looks when he fires up his double-bladed lightsaber with his fingerless LEGO hands, you'll wonder why you ever played one of those "serious" "Star Wars" games.

As an added bonus, all three movies can be played through, with any of the 30 unlockable characters. If you've ever wanted to see how Jar-Jar and R2 would fare against legions of Clone Troopers ... well, now's your chance.

Full Story and Source: The Davis Enterprises