Life After Episode 3: Video Games
06-12-2005 4:25 am

I meant to post this earlier this week when I first spotted it, so I'll toss it up for folks today for some interesting Sunday reading.  What do you do after Episode III to keep yourself in the world of Star Wars? Well, according to Tom's Hardware, one great way is to start playing some great Star Wras video games. Here's their take on the top 10 titles you should check out to stay within the force.

 LucasArts, the gaming branch of LucasFilms, has been releasing Star Wars games for well over a decade - some good, some mediocre, and some pretty bad. For those of us who are sick of watching our DVDs over and over, the variable quality of these games isn't as important as how well they can capture that Star Wars feeling. For instance, the massively multiplayer online RPG, Star Wars Galaxies, is many things, but it's certainly not a way to relive the movies. Similarly, the Starfighter titles are decent space action games, but they're not terribly different from a hundred other games of that genre.

So here we offer, in order of preference, the top ten games that best recreate the experience of Star Wars.

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Source: Tom's Hardware