LucasArts' Voice Actors Ready For Strike
06-11-2005 4:35 pm

Now that the video game market is pulling in just about as much cold hard cash as the movie market in North America, the Screen Actor's Guild wants a piece of the pie... aka royalties. In fact, if they don't get that piece of the pie, we could be hearing Darth Vader's voice played by that lady from Wendys looking for the beef.

Contract talks between two actors' unions and 70 video game publishers including Electronic Arts, LucasArts, Activision, Vivendi Universal and Rockstar Games fell apart in Los Angeles last week, leading the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to ask members to approve a strike.

The roughly 3,000 union actors who give voice to game characters have worked under contract with game publishers since 1993. But now that video games pull in nearly as many dollars as domestic movie ticket sales, actors want a piece of every game sold, rather than one-time up-front fees. Votes are due by mid-June.

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