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Written By: Athendos


I basically made this faq so it can help and inform people on how to use the light saber on JK online more effectively. I thought I should make this faq since there is barely any strategie/faqs out there for the light saber. In the future, I plan to keep this faq as small as possible for the interest of people. The smaller, then the faster it will be read and understood. Any information can be taken off this faq and displayed on websites as long as Iím giving credit. Iím not responsible for any mental or physical damage done to your body after reading this This faq contains some mild/bad language so if you feel insulted or disturbed by that then stop reading from this point. Enjoy the faq :-) (-;

Table of Contents

1. The Light Saber: A quick talk about the lightsaber

2. The Mental Effects During Duels: Explains if it can effect a Duel

3. Saber Techniques: Configuration, Tactics, Tips and Techniques:

4. Force Powers: Suggested Force Side

5. Neutral, Light, Dark Side: How to use them during a Saber Force Duel.

6. Death Blow: A must read.

7. Finishing Touch: Contains ways of contacting me.

8. Credits: List of all helpful people and resources used for this faq.



If used correctly, the lightsaber is the most deadly and powerful weapon in JK. Only a

true saberist can handle ANY situation with a lightsaber in hand. Mastering the lightsaber in JK is a difficult task but can be achieved over time. Once achieved, you must realize that your skill is limitless. Every fight you experience will teach you something new or increase an old skill. Their is such thing as being a Master, but as I said, your skill is limitless as does of others. In this faq, tips and strategy will be told to increase your saber skills. Only then will you be a Jedi master;-)


2. -THE MENTAL EFFECTS DURING DUELS- Can they effect a Duel?

If your a newbie, then you know your gonna suck in a duel. If your a MASTER, then you know your gonna kick ass. Usually people think they are the best and can kick

everybody's ass easily. As my first tip, thinking your the best is good but keep it to yourself until you can prove it with frags, or else you will make a big ass out of yourself if you start dieing like crazy;-). In the game, try to make your opponent think you are the best. Make your opponent feel like his going to die when your dueling him. Sometimes when I duel against someone and I see their skills and frag counts, thatís when I start to fear him and know Iím gonna die sooner or later when I face him. Try not to fear your opponent, try to think your the best and if you die who cares. Learn from your mistake and then continue on fighting, never give up because if you do then you have learned nothing in the end. The best players can all tell you that they learned from better players than them ( keep that in mind )


3. -SABER TECHNIQUES- What are some?


Go to setup and config the following:

1) Always run

2) Choose a key that is the most comfortable that will allow you to strafe. My personal pick is the left arrow and the right arrow ( strafing is very essential in duels )

*** In this setting, using the mouse will be your looking control. The best Gunners and Saberist can all tell you that the mouse is the most essential control in the game.

Okay now that you have this settings, your ready to battle. To make this faq

easier, I will put tips in categories for the newbies and for masters. Choose any of them and you will see a difference in your saber duels.



Tips and Techniques

1) Always straff or move when you face your opponent. When in movement, its harder for the opponent to hit you.

2) Keep the second person view on when dueling ( press F1 to do so )

3) Add some techniques to your duel. Jump over opponents and move around in mid-air ( use the mouse for this ) while targeting your opponent and try hitting him. Practice on this and you will soon see how effective it is.

4) When close quarter combating or when your opponent just sucks and isn't moving while attack you, just face your opponent directly. When he slashes, you should block the hit if your facing him directly. Counter attack with a forward slash ( not a special slash ) and you will get a 100% hit. I found this on the official strategy guide and it works like a charm against newbies and close quarter combating


6) If your a newbie, try not to stay in one place or you become fragbaite. When you become better with the saber, standing still can easily get your frags but until then move like crazy.

7) Never call your opponent a hacker because he is really good. Get the facts first, ask if you can kill him. If he says no then he is probably a hacker. If he is really good he wouldn't mind dieing because the real good players can easily start kicking ass again once dead.

*** Sometimes lag can cause people to have god mode even when they don't. When thereís a lot of lag, it takes a while to get to another spot. So say BOB is trying to move left, on his computer he has, but on yours he hasn't. So your gonna see the OLD BOB on that spot he WAS at. When you strike that OLD BOB, he won't die cause it is the OLD BOB not the PRESENT BOB ( sorry if it is so complicated, if you are a newbie you will see what Iím talking about ).

8) Never pick a room on GameZone that has lag ( usually red ). The games turn out crappy and irritating.

9) Keep in mind that sabers are deadly. Don't run directly into a person who has a saber. Sometimes you can die even if you have your saber out. Kinda Stupid but happens sometimes.

10) Combine slashes. Don't just use the Special Attack over and over. When using other types of slashes, the odds increase of hitting the opponent because it takes a longer time to do a Special Slash than to do a normal Slash. Combine and see the difference.


12) Have fun and don't take it to serious

13) Try not to run away from a saber fight. It takes the fun out and makes you look like a wuss. But if you must ( suggested only if your low on shield ) back away while swinging with the Special Slash.

14) Try not to follow people. It's usually a trap or they are luring you to fight at a special spot they like.



Tips and Techniques

1) Think your the best ( don't say it until you have enough frags to prove it )

2) Try to hit the side or the back of the opponent. The side and back of the opponent has no defense at all. Keep that in mind

3) Jump when a opponent slashes you. Do so only if your not slashing when his slashing. The chances of you getting hit while in air is low. Make sure its a high jump and give some movement to it, if not then your mostly likely gonna get hit. Either you do it right or your dead.

4) When on a bridge, let your opponent strike you so you can counter ( see on Newbie #4 ) his attack. When your in first person view it works better because its 100% direct since you got him on your crosshair ( only use first person view when on bridges if possible ). If your opponent is good then he will add some movement with his slash so watch out and keep him on your crosshair in first person view. Freak out your opponent by jumping over him and doing a Special careful though not to fall down.

5) Everybody fights their on way. If your way doesn't work then adapt to your opponents tactic. If your opponent likes to run, then run. If the opponent likes to jump then jump. by mimicking the opponents movement, it will be harder for the opponent to kill you and confusion will set in.

6) When your in a big saber orgy with everybody attacking each other ( I hate these types of fights ). The best thing to do is to spin with the Special Attack and jump a lot. This usually causes random kills. When everybody attacks each other and its not organize, there is NO SKILL. The frags are all by luck. Avoid this battles because you usually learn nothing. Always fight against one person at a time.

7) Don't straff to much around your opponent. This is when they can use the Stand and Kill tactic. Your opponent would stand still watching you go around him and when you get close enough to slash him...your dead. This is because when you straff, you expose some of the side of your body. When you go to attack the opponent with a Special or Normal Side Attack, you will have to raise your saber to strike. Thatís when you will expose even more of your body. Keep in mind that sometimes the Stand and Kill tactic doesn't work so don't just stand still the whole time.

8) When a lot of staffing is involved and the Stand and Kill tactic isn't working and your just getting annoyed of your opponent straffing/slashing and killing you then use the Wall Tactic. Go next to the wall and then use your skills to kill him. He will most likely continue to straff but not as much as last time because his space has been reduced. This tactic works very well for those who like to run around.

9) Fight with style. Don't continue using the same tactic or else your opponent might mimic it like #5. Be very random so you can confuse your opponent.

10) Sometimes, you will face your opponent from far away and then both of you will run towards each other and do the Special Slash. Never do that. When your close simply jump over him and slash his back. Great confusion will happen because he either just got hit from that slash or your not on his screen..and thatís when you can go for the kill. Works well on Bridges too.

11) Keep in mind that your feet movement is what gets your frags. Your movement is everything.

12) If you corner your opponent don't attack with rage. Attack from a distance because even though his corner, his Special Slash isn't disabled meaning anything can happen.

13) If your cornered, try to jump/slash at the same time out of there.

14) When your low on health try to refill it. But if your low on shielding and theirs no shield recharges around..then health won't help for jack. Your best bet is to continue on fighting in style until you die.

15) Be honorable. If your opponent doesn't have his lightsaber out during a duel then don't strike. Always show your self when attacking and make sure your opponent is ready to attack. If your opponent isn't playing fair, then thatís when you play dirty. Call him a dirty whore and insult him out. Fight as dirty as possible. This would mean using guns when he has a light saber out ( works awesome in Battle Ground Jedi. When the opponent is behind you during a duel or far away, then whip out your blaster and shoot him below his saber or at his back..hehe ).

16) Be observative. Use objects around you as an advantage in a duel. If thereís a platform jump on it and them jump off attacking your opponent at the same time. Using objects around you drops the chances of getting hit since your constantly moving around and using objects.

17) Use saber combos. Due to its quickness, hit percentage is higher. Use combo only when facing an opponent infront of you.

Combo Example=

Forward Forward Forward

Forward Forward Back ( very useful one )

Back Forward Back

There are more combos like adding the side slash or a jump slash with the 3 I just told you. Combos can be made up and used in any way the would fit your situation.



1) Jumping is seductive but it can prove fatal. Jump around in your own pattern confusing your opponent. Forward slash gives a higher hit percentage when jumping than doing a Special Slash. Either way, jumping confusing and irritates the opponent causing his defense to drop since his trying to figure out what the fuck your doing jumping like a mad man.

2) Straff around your opponent in circles while doing a a Side Slash ( press left or right then slash at the same time ). Very effective tactic

3) Fake out your opponent. Make him think your going to slash so when he slashes ( usually always with the Special Slash ) you quickly move in for a quick forward slash. This tactic is more into the defensive side.

4) Run around with out straffing while trying to hit your opponent. Yes, sounds reckless but actually works. One day I was playing a 4 player BGJ game and some idiot in the game was running like crazy Special Slashing all over the place. Surprised I was when his recklessness paid in.

5) Attack furiously. Run into your opponent and keep on running into him ( in a way that your pushing him ) while using the Special Attack Slash. This tactic though may result in your death sometimes but is still effective. This one increases you offense extremely high but drops you defense to practically nothing.

6) MY MOST FAVORITE TACTIC. MIMIC MIMIC MIMIC !!! Copy your opponents tactic and way of playing and the game should turn out balanced. Takes a while though to get the mimic right but in due time you'll be up to his match.

Force Tactics

1) Hit and Fade. By using Force Speed, run towards your opponent and Special Slash him. Causes extreme confusing and pisses off people at the same time.

*** If you know of any tactic as the ones above ( can be Force related also ), please e-mail me them so I can post them on the Tactic section on the next 1.02 faq. You'll receive credit for the Tactic( would be placed next to tactic info. you submitted ). Please keep it as short as possible and at the same time clear in understanding.Thanxs =) ***


4. -FORCE POWERS- Which is better during Saber Duels?

When it comes down to FF saber duel only battles, your best bet is to use the light side. The Light Side has the best force in the game ( an arguable subject )Force Absorb. Force Absorb will not allow you to get hurt by the Dark Side ( only Force Throw can hurt you though. To counter it, fight away from objects that are able to be thrown at. Ohh, and make sure if you use the Light Side, try not to fight a Dark Side user on a will see what happens if you ).During FF saber duels, you will notice that the Dark Side users will use Force Grip on you so that they can try hit easier since you've been immobilized. Usually that tactic doesn't work at all. To counter it, all you do it press back and attack with any slash and your 100% safe. You can also use Force Blind on the opponent to keep him occupied. The Light Side is all about defense not offenses. If your on the Light Side, the only way you will win is with skill ( thatís your offense). The Light Side balances out the Force any game. So when you fight a Dark Side opponent, then all your really doing is fighting a normal game because when you use Force Absorb he can't hurt you resulting with a balance ( equality ). If your a Dark Side user and you join a game with everybody else as a Dark Side user, you will notice how the game will be based on constant Dark Side use resulting with a lot of deaths. Skill won't help you much in a Full Dark Side game ( you Dark Side users know that ). Saber battles with Dark Side users will result in Force battles instead. So in then end if you want to have fun in FF battles, pick the Dark Side, if you want to have a challenge then pick the Light Side. A good player though can use any force and still win so keep that in mind also.


5. -NEUTRAL, LIGHT, AND DARK SIDE- How can I use them during Saber Duels?

Neutral Side

Force Speed-
Use Force speed to do hit and fades ( look at Tactic ). Big open levels, like Jedi Battleground is great for this. Especially if the opponent lags, he'll never be able to hit you then. Using Force speed and the combo to rush your opponent, then using Force Grip or Blinding on him will often catch him unprepared and you'll Special Slash him before he gets a chance to defend himself. Force Speed is also great against Force Grip ( pulls you out of it ).

Force Jump-
Can be used with the Jump Tactic but very useful to escape Force Grip ( pulls you out of it ).

Force Sight-
Useful against Force Persuasion and finding people on the map just after they ran away from a Duel.

Force Pull-
Useless of course in a Saber Duel.


Light Side

Force Heal-
Really useless in a saber duel. The shields really matter when dueling not the health. You must remember that a Special Slash drops your health to 2 with full shields. Having a 100 health without full shields leaves you with no chance of survival from a Special Slash. Use Force Heal only if you got a Light Surge or a lot of Force boost around.

Force Blind-
Has a good side and a Bad Side when saber dueling

Good Side: If you don't have Force Absorb Force Blind is very useful against Force Grip and Force Deadly Sight. Simply Force Blind whoever uses Grip or Deadly Sight on you. This causes there Grip or Sight not to work. Be quick though or your dead

Bad Side: If you have Force Absorb then Force Blind is pretty much useless. When ever a person is blinded in a Saber Duel then they usually run away from the duel until Force Blind fades away. So its pretty much useless since you won't be fighting but chasing a blind guy all over the place. Only use it if your low on health and shields as an escape method.

Force Persuasion-
Great when in a Big Orgy Saber Duel ( like 4 + players ). Not everybody uses Force Sight all the time and usually the people that do have it on 2 Stars so it only lasts for about 10 or less secs. Persuasion also protects you from Force Grip and Force Sight.

Force Absorb-
THE BEST FORCE IN THE GAME ( a very arguable subject ). In a Saber Duel you are virtually protected against the Dark Side. Only Force Throw can hurt you but to counter that simply fight where there's no objects. Use this Force only when Dark Side users start using a Force against you so you don't waste your energy.

*** Why the Best???

Doesn't allow opponents to pull your weapon

Protects you from all Dark Side Force Powers except for Force Throw

Gives you Force Energy whenever a Dark Force is used against you

Force Protection-
Really useless in a Saber Duel. Yes increases your defense but opens a big gap on other Force Advantages people will have against you. Use it for fun though and check it out.


Dark Side

Force Throw-
Use it to confuse your opponent. Lure them in an area with lots of throwable objects while still saber dueling them so it doesn't look notcieble.

Force Lighting-
Crappy. Uses a lot of your Force Energy and isn't really accurate. To use it effectively you must be infront your opponent.

Force Grip-
NOT THE BEST FORCE IN THE GAME! Many people think Grip is the best but really isn't since there so many ways of escaping it. (Force Jump, Speed, Absorb, Blind, Persuasion, simply hurting the user with any gun in Gun game ). Well I made my point =). Okay on how to use it... Force grip your opponent and then Special Slash him. 99% of the time this tactic doesn't work since your opponent can do Force Jump, Speed, Absorb, Blind, or Persuasion. He can also simply back away from you while Special Slashing. Basically this tactic really works on the element of surprise.

Force Destruction-
Great Force Power. does splash damage so it's very useful during Big Saber Orgy Duels. Also great when Saber Dueling on a bridge or platform so you can knock off the opponent.

Force Deadly Sight-
CRAP. Yep CRAP. Darkside users drop like flys when you use this against them but against Light Side users you'll just be feeding them energy. Once again like Force Protection, you get a big gap for Force users to use against you.


6. -Death Blow- Can I do one hit Kills?

Yes. A One Hit kill can be done. Very difficult to master but it's possible. To do One Hit Kills, aim down slightly and do a Special Slash. Sounds easy but it's really hard. You have to be aiming down correctly ( you might have to experiment on the aiming down slightly to get the right angle ) or the One Hit kill won't work. Basically it works under the basis the since your aiming down slightly and doing a Special Slash, your light saber is extended farther causing it to pass through, penetrate, the stomach of your opponent when slashing ( this causing the One Hit kill ). The one hit kill can also be done by doing the opposite. Slightly aim up and Special Slash. This would penetrate the opponents head causing also a One Hit Kill. By using Force Speed with one of the both One Hit Kill technique, you get a higher chance in the One Hit Kill ( dash right infront your opponent when doing so ). Practice on any of these techniques because it really works. One day I played a guy who used Force Speed while aiming aimed down slightly and he killed me like crazy all the time with one hit. I thought he was hacking but proved me wrong when he slashed and Special Slashed me normally without killing me ( proving he wasn't using God Saber ). I then asked him how the hell he was doing the One Hit Kills and he told me. I tried it on him and worked. Not a lot of people use this technique because like I said it's very difficult.


7. -Finishing Touch-

Well I decided to add this to let you know the faq is over..DUH. Well I hope you found this faq very informing and helpful towards your light saber needs. If you have any comments,questions, tips or techniques then please e-mail me at:

or contact me on MSN GameZone:


Gamezone Name: Athendos

JK Game Name: The Fuzz
Skin: Agene Mulder (BFP2)
Saber Color: Yellow

The more feedback I get, the more useful this faq will be when updated.


*** Any useful tip or technique sent will be added to the Tip and Technique section if it's very useful. To receive credit in the Credit section , you must send a lot of Tips, Techniques, and Tactics ( in one e-mail please ). If a useful Tactic is sent, you'll recieve credit but in the Tactic Section. If you have any question on this please e-mail me. Thanxs once again. ***



Special thanxs to:

- JKC_Ben_Kenobi (I came up with the faq when talking to him.)

- Allen (Has a Great Beta Testing Site. Check it out at )

- Simmon Walker Block (E-mailed me great tips )

- GroovyChick_2000 (My girlfriend ;-) Helped me out.)

- Joshua (Made a great Sith Saber Training Level with my 1.00 faq. Get his level at or at Massassi Temple at

- MSN GAMEZONE (the best of course for online gaming)

- (Daily news, files, resources, info, ect. Simply the best site for JK)

- Massassi Temple (As good as and getting better)

- And all you people I've played with ;-)


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