Jedi Knight: Game Codes
06-08-2005 5:57 pm


Cheat codes can only be used in the Single Player portion of the game. Please note these codes are for the full version of the game only. To enter the cheat codes, you must type the command in EXACTLY as worded aftar typing "t" and then hitting tab:

Cheat Code
5858lvr Full Map
bactame Full Health
deeznuts Next Level of the Force
eriamjh Fly Mode
imayoda Master of the Light
jediwannabe 1 God Mode
pinotnoir x Level Warp, where x = 1-21
raccoonking All Force Powers
red5 All Weapons
sithlord Master of the Dark
slowmo 1 Slow Motion
thereisnotry Next Level
wamprat All Items
whiteflag 1 Disables AI
yodajammies Full Force Mana

[ "If you use the cheats, please don't go complaining that the game is too short." -- James Monroe ]