Jedi Outcast: Weapons
06-08-2005 5:49 pm



The weapon of the Jedi, lightsabers have been described as an elegant armarment of a more civilized time. As one of the most powerful weapons in Kyle's arsenal, this weapon can be used for both offensive and defensive moves. The lightsaber can also damage anything it comes in contact with. Need to open that beer bottle? If you are careful, you can even use the lightsaber as a can opener! The better the Jedi, the better this weapon can become.

Stun Baton

As the name implies, the Stun Baton stuns targets. The range is very short (around two meters,) but if immobilizing your target is what you want... this will do just that.

Bryar Pistol

Real men use lightsabers; however, the next best thing has to be the Bryar Pistol. Kyle's pistol is one of the most accurate weapons in the game. Don't expect to bust into a room of Storm Troopers with just your Bryar unless you don't miss!

DE-11 Blaster Rifle

This standard issue Storm Trooper rifle fires quickly to mow down your opponents if they are in front of you. The rifle should be used in close firing situations only. We expect this weapon to have a single type of attack.


The bowcaster is a powerful crossbow variant. There are two firing modes that can be utilized. The initial fire results in a single powerful bolt shot with deadly accuracy. The second mode is believed to make the bolts bounce off of surfaces.

Heavy Repeater

Heavy indeed... While this weapon may remind people of the Repeater from Dark Forces II, this weapon lives up to its name. After mowing down a crowd with multiple shots per second, you can finish off whatever is left with the secondary explosive shot.

Golan Arms FC-1

The semi-automatic action of the Golan Arms FC-1 can take out personnel and vehicular combatants. Like most Golan Arms type weapons, this weapon was originally used by bounty hunters and various militias. Twelve rounds of ammo can be stored and multiple proximity mines can be launched.

Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun

The DEMP 2 is your droid disabling weapon. Primary fire will take out large numbers of mechanical foes, while the secondary fire causes damage to anything in a smaller range.


The disruptor rifle, which is outlawed by the New Republic, shoots with strong firepower at a medium rate of fire. If disintegrating is more to your liking, use the secondary mode. An advantage to this weapon is that it works well from long ranges due to the added scope.

Thermal Detonator

The detonator has two modes of detonation. The primary fire will throw the grenade to explode on impact. The secondary mode will throw the grenade with a 3 second delay. In both cases if you hold the fire button down for a longer period of time you will throw the grenade further. Note: Anyone notice how rusty these always look? Handle with care!

Det Pack

The standard detonator pack can be used to surprise enemies from a distance or open certain locked doors.

Laser Trip Mine

Trip mines can be placed on the floor, wall, or ceilings of levels. After being placed, they emit a laser beam. Once that beam is broken, the mine explodes. (Half-Life anyone?)
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