Jedi Outcast: Strategy
06-08-2005 5:48 pm


Welcome to's strategy section for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Here are some intial places to find information on how to become a better Jedi.

Outcast Strategy
- The recently opened Outcast Strategy site contains basic combat strategies, tips on items & powerups and the use of the lightsaber with the Force. You can even submit your own strategies for others to view.

Strategy Center @
- Here you can ask questions and receive answers a few moments later from others on the forums. You can also browse previously asked questions to see if someone has already gotten stuck where you are. [ Strategy Center ]

ChangKhan Mini Strategy Guides - Michael Gummelt, the lead gameplay programmer of Jedi Knight II, has written several mini-strategy guides in the Strategy Center. Note that all of these contain spoilers! Here are direct links to the following:

Galak Fyyar
#2 The Red Room on Artus Mine
#3 First Level Colored Combination Console
#4 The Doomgiver Code
#5 Artus - Why Jan Won't Land - AT-ST Problem
#6 The Area After Refridgeration Room on Kejim
#7 Yavin Swamp Crashed Pod

Jedi Outcast Walkthrough / FAQ (Spoilers!) - Version 1.5 - A complete walkthrough by Matthew Rorie, this guide can help you solve any puzzle in the game.

Xezol Screen shot walk-through (Spoilers!) - If you would like a visual walk-through of JKII, try
this guide. FAQ (Spoilers!) - has written up an
impressive FAQ that contains many individual solutions. This FAQ is great for getting what you need quickly.

Extras - If you haven't already, drop by the following sections to learn more about the game:

- Weapons
- Force Powers
- Characters