Jedi Outcast: Game Codes
06-08-2005 5:43 pm


Cheat codes can only be used in the Single Player portion of the game. To enter the cheat codes, you must be able to access the console. When you are in the single player portion of the game, press SHIFT & ~ to access console. When you are at the console in the single player portion of the game, type: HelpUsObi 1 to activate the cheats. Once the cheats are activated, feel free to try out the following:

Cheat Code
god God mode
noclip No clipping mode; walk through walls
notarget Enemy AI disabled
kill Kill yourself
give all All weapons, max stats
give health Full health
give armor Full armor
give ammo Full ammo
give [#] Get indicated amount of desired items
give weaponnum [1-?] Gives you the weapon
where Tells you where an entity is
victory Plays a sound
drive_atst Ride an ATST
fly_xwing Fly an X-Wing & Crashes JKII
setviewpos [X] [Y] [Z] Allows you to warp to those coordinates on the map.
undying Sets max health/armor to 999
taunt Makes the lightsaber handle pin in kyle's hands
levelshot Takes a screen shot without the HUD
devmap To activate the cheats (Multiplayer)
HelpUsObi 1 To activate the cheats (Single Player)
npc spawn Will spawn a character of your choice. Examples: npc spawn stormtrooper or npc spawn lando
npc kill all Kills all npcs on the level
setForceAll [1,2,3] Set all your force powers to the level you want. Example: setForceAll 3

One impressive multiplayer cheat is the double-bladed light saber. Here's how you activate it:

(1) Start a multiplayer game.
(2) Select your lightsaber, and turn it off while your still holding it. (Press #1 two times.)
(3) Activate the console by pressing [SHIFT & ~]
(4) Type devmap [map name] - example: devmap ffa_yavin
(5) type /THEDESTROYER into the console.

[ "If you use the cheats, please don't go complaining that the game is too short." -- James Monroe ]