Jedi Outcast: Force Powers
06-08-2005 5:41 pm


Active Force Powers

Force Lightning

Kyle can hurl a devastating electrical attack against foes. When a foe is targeted by this power, it locks on and continues to drain the enemy and consume the attacker's Force Pool. This continues until the enemy perishes, goes out of range, or the player's Force Pool is depleted.

Force Push

Kyle can shove non-player characters (NPCs) and world objects away from himself with this Force Power. If NPCs are pushed into solid surfaces or off ledges they will take damage. Force Push can also be used to operate selected buttons, grates and sliders that may be out of the player's reach.

Force Mind Tricks

The player can render himself invisible to specific targets. Once affected, the character in question will be confused for 5 seconds and ignore the player if he walks past. However, aggressive action or loud noises will alert the enemy, thereby spoiling the effect. Note that the mind trick will not work on all enemies.

Force Jump

As in the movies, the player will be able to harness the power of the force to jump to heights no mere mortal could ever obtain.

Force Heal

Kyle will be able to partially heal himself through the force, of course this will deplete the force pool.

Force Speed

Reaching deep inside the force, Kyle can momentarily move with incredible speed to the consternation of his foes.

Force Choke

Turning to the dark side of the force, players will be able to choke the life out of their enemies.

Passive Force Powers

On top of the 7 active force powers that the player will be able to harness throughout the game there are a yet unknown number of passive force powers. These passive powers will be abilities that the player will learn throughout the game that will strengthen kyle, but not deplete his force pool. Many of these abilities will center around the lightsaber; with such talents as throwing the lightsaber in a boomerang fashion.