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Friendly Characters

Kyle Katarn

The man from the Dark Forces series is back for an appearance in Jedi Knight II. Kyle Katarn, the mercenary turned Jedi, will be the main character yet again. Since the events of Mysteries of the Sith, Kyle has given up his Jedi powers, for fear that he will once again be lured towards the Darkside of the Force. He is now a Jedi outcast and seeks to redeem himself. The main focus that Jedi Outcast will present Kyle and his struggles with the power of the Force.

Jan Ors

Very little is known of what became of Jan Ors after the events of Dark Forces 2. Once Kyle's partner in crime, it is believed that she continued to work for the New Republic on various assignments. Often it fell into Jan's lap to bail Kyle out of the various situations that he seemed to get himself into. Kyle became more resourceful when he became a Jedi Knight, and the tables turned when he bailed Jan out of a few situations.

Luke Skywalker

Kyle Katarn will be fighting along side Luke Skywalker, one of the greatest strengths of the Alliance. Little is known about this relationship, but expect more details soon!

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma, the Supreme Commander of the Alliance, gives briefings to Kyle throughout the game. Currently, you can find her latest news in the LucasArts N.R.I. reports.


A typical rebel soldier carries a blaster rifle in order to protect rebellion interests.

Enemy Characters


These saber weilding disciples of the Empire are powerful instruments of the Dark Side. On top of their lightsaber and limited Force powers, the Reborn also have personal shielding.

Galak Fyyar

Admiral Galak Fyyar used to work as the weapon scientist for the Emperor. He continues pushing technology in weaponry and armor.

Reelo Baruk

One of the largest Rodian's around, Reelo Baruk, is the powerful crime boss of Nar Shaddaa. His legitimate front is his garbage hauling company.


The Trandoshan species is made up of cold-blooded, lizard-like creatures that inflict pain with deadly accuracy. Like most reptiles, their scaly skin even sheds once a year. The Trandoshan are known as the best hunters in the galaxy because they are extremely violent and have excellent hunting and tracking skills.


Cloud City's working class is made up of thousands of Ugnaughts. These creatures run virtually the entire operation in the sky.

Storm Trooper

Storm Troopers began showing up as the standard foot soldier of the Imperials shortly after artifical intelligence was put to rest. Imperial blasters are the norm for these well armored soldiers. You can identify the squad leaders by the a patch over their right shoulder.

Swamp Trooper

Swamp Troopers are very much like Storm Troopers except for the fact that they carry the Golan Arms FC-1. Once you spot a Swamp Trooper, you can identify them by their green camouflage.


These green species are from planet Rodia. As hunters and fighters, many become bounty hunters by occupation. Expect most Rodians to carry a standard pistol.


Gran are those pesky creatures that toss thermal detonators near your feet and then charge you with their fists. You can identify them by their tentacle like head with three eyes. They originate from the planet Kinyen.

Weequay Hunter

Weequay attack with either standard issue blasters or the powerfully accurate bowcasters. These bantha-loving aliens are usually found in desert conditions.


AT-ST stands for All Terrain Scout Transport. These mighty two-man mechanical walkers are part of the Imperial arsenal and can usually be found in highly concentrated areas controlled under the Empire.

Other Characters

Non-Playable Characters

As of now, neither LucasArts or Raven have confirmed any official Non-Playable Characters (NPCs.) Many early reports speak of NPCs that Kyle can team up with to defeat enemies. This buddy system should bring an interesting aspect of play that has yet to utilized in the Dark Forces series.


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