Jedi Academy: Force Powers
06-08-2005 5:09 pm -Aristotle


Force Sense

This power is used to sense non-player characters, pickups, and other objects better. You will be able to see these objects though a red glow that appears around them which is also visible through walls.

Force Absorb

A light side force power that when activated can absorb all dark force powers directed towards them. You will also be able to absorb force push and pull.

Force Protect

This power decreases the damage inflicted by any of the weapons in Jedi Academy. Think of it more as a shield.

Force Drain

Steals health from other characters/players which is used to replenish the players health meter.

Force Grip

This infamous dark force power is used to choke or constrict enemy organs. Can also be effictively used to life an enemy over a ledge and drop them to their death.

Force Lightning

Used by the Emporer in Return of the Jedi and present in the Jedi Knight series since the original, force lightning is a basic tool of the dark Jedi. A devastating volley of electrical bolts is launched at a targeted enemy until that character either runs out of range, the player's force pool is depleted, or the enemy dies.

Force Rage

Force Rage turns your player into a hyped-up force consuming maniac. You'll run faster and attack with more damage as your force pool dwindles away.

Force Jump

This neutral Force power is used to almost fly through the sky towards your destination. This power is activated simply by holding your jump button longer.

Force Push

Another neutral force ability that has several uses. It can be used to push enemier off of ledges or simply away from you. It is also used on certain objects, such as rocks, control panels, etc. Finally, at the highest level, a Jedi can use Force Push to break a saber lock.

Force Pull

Another power used to move and relocated objects and characters. You can disarm enemies by pulling weapons from their hands, manipulate switches, and move other objects as well.

Force Speed

This neutral Force power drains your Force pool in order to propell you at rapid speeds. This can be beneficial in offensive or defensive tactics by allowing you to quickly attack your opponent or leave them in your dust.

Force Heal

A Jedi's strength flows from the Force and this power specifically rebuilds your life meter after damage is taken. In multiplayer team games, you can use this power to replenish your own health or a teammate's. This is a peaceful power and therefore is, naturally, a light side power.

Jedi Mind Trick

Another neutral Force power that allows you to trick another character into not seeing you. It is highly effective against the weak minded and is very useful in stealth operations.
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