New Battlefront II Preview
05-30-2005 3:48 pm

The fine folks over at Team X-Box put together an interesting preview for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Here's a clip:

There are four major ways in which Battlefront II will improve and expand on the original. It should be of no surprise to most people that the first of these areas will be the space battles. While there was vehicle combat in the first game, it was limited to planetary battles. This time around the vastness of space will truly be felt since ships can basically fly anywhere they choose, whenever they choose to do it. There are four main classes for each team: a starfighter, a transport ship, a bomber, and a scout. A character can jump in and out of their ship whenever they choose to do so, supposing of course that the ship is docked in some way and isnít still floating in space. If you havenít guessed, this opens up an entirely new world for space battles that have never been seen on a console before. Players are now able to dock their ships in an enemy capital cruiser and cause all sorts of havoc while in the docking bay. This could include stealing an enemy ship and masquerading as a friendly or to turn the ships guns against its own fighters; the possibilities are limitless. Once inside an enemy capital ship however itís not as easy as just flicking a switch as there will be plenty of enemies defending the innards of their coveted behemoth. Space battles are not as rudimentary as they may initially seem as dog fighting mechanics are a big addition that should make one-on-one battles more invigorating than ever, as well as allowing some serious smack talk over Xbox Live.

Source: Team X-Box