PSP For Battlefront II
05-30-2005 3:42 pm

Electronic Entertainment Expo – Los Angeles, CA – May 18, 2005 – LucasArts revealed today that Indiana Jones® will once again don his famous fedora with a new video game set for release on next-generation consoles in 2007. The company also announced its intention to enter the handheld gaming market, with a Sony PSP™ version of Star Wars Battlefront™ II set to join the previously unveiled PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and PC versions this Fall. Also coming to the PC platform are immersive online adventures in Star Wars Galaxies®: The Total Experience (May 24, 2005) and the power to command galactic forces in Star Wars Empire at War™ (Spring 2006).

“As gaming consoles head into the next generation, so too do our development teams,” said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts. “Our teams are truly embracing the incredible power of these systems, not only with amazing graphics but also, more importantly, with unforgettable story-driven adventures starring fascinating characters like Indiana Jones. At the same time, titles for the revolutionary new handheld systems are something we know gamers want, and we’re excited to enter this field.”


LucasArts will finally unleash its first handheld game this fall. While other companies have released handheld Star Wars games in the past, Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP is the first to actually be published by LucasArts.

Developed by Savage Entertainment, Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP is similar to its recently announced console counterpart (see below) with space combat, playable Jedi, and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith content, yet it still boasts several distinct features meant to embrace the “on-the-go” nature of a handheld system. The game includes several unique mini-campaigns as opposed to the much longer campaign seen on consoles. Players can join the Rebellion as a smuggler, work for themselves as a mercenary for hire, or use their Imperial sniping skills to rid the galaxy of pesky species like Jawas, Ewoks and Gungans. Wi-Fi compatibility permits up to four players to join in at once, either cooperatively or competitively, and they can also partake in classic Instant Action mode to fight their favorite Star Wars battles any way they want to.

Source: LucasArts