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Online Patch Repository Format Specification

Jedi Knight Patch Commander version 4.0 contains a feature called the Patch Repository. The repository makes it possible for users to locate, select, download, and install patches with point-and-click simplicity. The repository is actually just an HTML interpreter that parses a simple file containing information about the available patches. This document describes the format of the repository HTML file. A basic understanding of HTML and tables is necessary to construct a repository.

The Patch Repository window is shown below. The major areas of the window are the Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Welcome Message, and Patch List. We will be concerning ourselves with the Welcome Message and the Patch List .

The HTML page that produced the above output can be found here. The format should be mostly self-explanatory. The rules are as follows:

  • The repository page must contain one and only one table.
  • Any HTML above the table will be displayed as-is in the Welcome Message area. Any HTML below the table will be stripped.
  • The first row of the table is the header row, containing the column names and relative widths (ex.: <TD width="20%">Name</TD> ). Obviously, the column widths should add up to 100%.
  • The first column should contain the name of the patch, contained in an HTML link pointing to the patch file (ex.: <A href="">Destruct-O-Ray</A> ).
  • The table can contain as many other columns as you want. All HTML markup except that mentioned above will be stripped. To avoid confusing the parser, do not nest any additional tables inside the main table.
  • If there is a column called Type, the contents will be used to determine which icon is displayed for the patch. Currently, there are icons for Force, Item, Saber, and Skin. I would like to add Weapon and Level to the list, but I have no icons for them (and I'm a graphics idiot). I will add more icons if people suggest new ones and supply the graphics (in both 16x16px and 32x32px sizes).
  • If you have patches for both Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith , you should have two separate repository pages to keep users from getting confused.

Any Questions?