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Name Type Date Description Author
BFP2X Skin 7/15/00 Big Fluffy Pack. Contains 140 new skins and several new sabers and sounds in one Gob file. Kurgan (ed.)
Grappling Hook (Bryar) Item 11/11/98 Press the secondary fire of the Bryar pistol and a dart will come out. Hold the button and the hook will pull you in. Release button to detach cable. (Watch Out for long drops) Brian Tegtmeier aka TegSkywalker
AirJump Force 11/11/97 Use Force Jump while in the air. Juxtapose
Force Rip Force 10/18/97 This is a COG patch that allows the user to dismember various apendages from their enemies. A new Force Power. gr00v3ux
Force CrusH Force 10/25/97 Updated version of Force CrusH. Also has modification for Force Rip, making it compatible for multiplay. gr00v3ux
Force Repel Force 11/3/97 New Force Power. Repel yourself and objects fired your way with this new force. Brian Taylor